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Auto RuneScape

Tell the bot what you want to do and it will do it. Auto RuneScape is the first account-builder bot on RuneMate which aims to create accounts for any setup you give it.

State of skills

* Agility
* Cooking
* Crafting
* Fishing
* Fletching
* Herblore
* Mining
* Smithing
* Woodcutting

* Construction
* Farming
* Firemaking
* Hunter
* Magic
* Melee (Attack, Strength, Defence)
* Prayer
* Ranged
* Runecrafting
* Slayer
* Thieving

First release
Last update
4.08 star(s) 12 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Hexis AutoScape v2.1.1 Released!

    Hexis AutoScape updated to v2.1.1.
  2. Hexis AutoScape v2.1.0 Released!

    Hexis AutoScape updated to v2.1.0.
  3. Hexis AutoScape v2.0.2 Released!

    Hexis AutoScape updated to v2.0.2.

Latest reviews

I have only tried cooking, it does work, but every time it burns a fish it restarts the process of cooking via bringing up the dialog "what do you want to cook". Turned the bot off after 20 mins as this behaviour isn't human-like, normally you would let it cook the next fish automatically, rather than re-interacting with the fire.

Hosidius Kitchen is listed as a location, but this actually takes you to the Hosidius Mess Hall, which is something else entirely.

Hosidius Kitchen's ranges have a better chance to successfully cook, so it's worth adding it as a location.
if this did quest it would be that much bettter
this bot is ok, its an all in one bot that's grate but it is very slow.
What is very slow about it?
Average at best, when smithing it clicks furnace after 4 bars which makes whole process slow, when smithing items at varrock west it does 1 inventory and kills bot, just stands at anvil spam clicking, then walks to bank and spam clicks empty inventory then back to anvil with nothing in inventory, used on 3 3+ month old hand trained account and banned on 2 within the next day of only 5 hours use each, when fishing it spam clicks the fishing spot every 30 seconds , when mining it spam clicks the ore and if lower level mining it just ruins the process and takes longer,

don't waste your money on this bot 8c is far to expensive for this bot, its In pre development stage and is quite broken. ive used this for around 50+ hours on 10 accounts so I have definitely set it up correct.
I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt given your ONLY other feedback on this bot ended in you saying "Btw, it's a nice bot I'm enjoying using it" so maybe you're just having a bad day today.

I don't appreciate your poor quality review for many reasons - mostly your childish and immature tone. You've never reached out for the majority of your highlights, only regarding mining a low amount of ores in so many hours.

What do you want? Do you just want to shout into the void and cry that you can't setup a bot correctly or would you like me to help figure it out and possibly fix things?

Don't ever left such a stupid review again. Again, I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here. If you continue to post more unhelpful, unconstructive, and frankly invalid reviews on any other bots on this site I'll restrict your account for an increasingly long amount of time with each occasion it happens on.

Reach out on Discord if you'd like to review help with your bots and fix your attitude before you do or you'll find yourself with a much less forgiving Swych.
mahogany tree locations at farming guild, get you snaked up on the outskirts of bank, i would rate 5/5 when it gets fixed so its truly "auto runescape"
ty will look at it at some point
Really impressed with how effective this AIO bot is. Preset skills, lists everything, even requirements. And it's response time is the fastest I've ever seen.
thanks for 99 dungeoneering, this bot can train skills that aren't even available yet in the game.
Love the bot, could you add Barbed bolts?
For fletching? Sure
fire just make it faster and keep adding stuff
thanks bob
Working Flawless so far ! Swych is the Real G here ! , he's put so much work and effort in making such a High Quality bot , Big shout out to this Mastermind