Hexis Construction PRO 1.6.11

Build the house you've always wanted!

  1. Noah
    Hexis Construction PRO

    Builds all popular furniture. Supports multiple butlers. Supports Phials.

    Supported furniture:
    • Crude wooden chair
    • Oak chair
    • Oak larder
    • Teak table
    • Mahogany table
    • Teak bench
    • Door
    • Gnome bench

    • Fetch/Un-cert the items you're using before.​
    • Call your butler.​
    • Have a bell-pull in your house if you're using a butler.​

    I highly recommend building a Servant's moneybag in your house for more XP and less opportunity to fail.

    Oak doors
    For those using Oak doors you must now capture the position of the door you want to build at. Stand next to the Door hotspot or the Oak door, select the Oak door in the UI box, then click 'Capture'. Allow the client a couple seconds to find the location of the door and wait for the UI to update.

    If you're using Phials it will store relative positions, else it will store the absolute position. If you leave the house at any point and you're not using Phials you will have to reset the doors position manually as the coordinates change each time you enter the house.​

Recent Reviews

  1. Kalm
    Version: 1.6.11
    Once set up correctly bot works fantastic (doing mahog tables). Easiest way I found was to have planks noted in inv, remove any remaped F keys mapped to #1 and #2. With full inventory for planks send butler to bank to un-note and press play. Bot gets close to 500k xp p/h. Superb bot and imo worth the price. Already done 86-91 construction, going to work it towards 99 for sure using this!
  2. Scottastle
    Version: 1.6.11
    Worked perfectly well, I went from 60-80 construction in a couple of hours. Never missed a click. Will be using again!
  3. Ecrilthir1
    Version: 1.6.11
    Twice about 2 hours in its dismissed my servant so had to rehire them
  4. Kernal Oniel
    Kernal Oniel
    Version: 1.6.11
    It does not work unnote planks with the butler. Maybe it's because it is the demon butler?
  5. vileijn23
    Version: 1.6.11
    Sorry mate alot of babysitting it took 0.45$ for restarting. it will not un note with the butler my planks only philas works.
  6. ntrickn
    Version: 1.6.11
    It works, but clicks too quickly even with random afk timer, resulted in temp ban 48 hours after use.
  7. Taylor Sutton
    Taylor Sutton
    Version: 1.6.11
    As long as you get it up and going before you run the script, it runs great! ( that means getting the butler active to the bank before you run the script and have your planks squared away and also a servants pouch at lvl 58).
  8. jdaddy
    Version: 1.6.11
    This bot is fucking dog shit. it steals ur money it doesnt explain how to set it up and you click play and it takes ur money and doesnt do shit. youre all a fucking joke
  9. ggggggg1
    Version: 1.6.8
    Works great, no problems whatsoever to report 1-68
  10. CodyDeee
    Version: 1.6.8
    Not sure what happened since I've used this bot before on another account to get 99 construction and this was working about a week ago, but it doesn't work at all now. At best it spam clicks the Demon Butler and that's as far as it goes. Also, Hexis Slayer Assistant doesn't work at all. It seems as though most of your bots broke at some point over the last work for some reason