Hexis Construction PRO 1.5.18

Build the house you've always wanted!

  1. Noah

    Hexis Construction PRO
    Builds all popular furniture. Supports multiple butlers. Supports Phials.

    • Fetch/Un-cert the items you're using before.​
    • Call your butler.​
    • Have a bell-pull in your house if you're using a butler.​

    I highly recommend building a Servant's moneybag in your house for more XP and less opportunity to fail.

    Oak doors
    For those using Oak doors you must now capture the position of the door you want to build at. Stand next to the Door hotspot or the Oak door, select the Oak door in the UI box, then click 'Capture'. Allow the client a couple seconds to find the location of the door and wait for the UI to update.

    If you're using Phials it will store relative positions, else it will store the absolute position. If you leave the house at any point and you're not using Phials you will have to reset the doors position manually as the coordinates change each time you enter the house.​

Recent Reviews

  1. bigboibot62
    Version: 1.5.17
    Ended up getting 99 off of this bot. Decent bot but definitely requires babysitting. Will randomly disconnect or idle to long to where it logs you off and shuts down bot. Overall decent though
  2. seqo
    Version: 1.5.17
    Slow xp rates with teak benches, opens the wrong menu a lot and also misclicks and runs away.
    Would be nice if you could make the bot call servant from the house settings tab, it just afks until the servant walks by or I manually call for them.

    Big thing would be if it could do both benches as this does effect exp/hr, if the click efficiency improves.

    Ran smoothly doing oak larders,
  3. fira2008
    Version: 1.5.17
    Works perfectly when un-noting from Phials. The servants kind of break it? It wont call/ask the servant to get the planks from bank or un-note them. Instead just stands there "patiently waiting for your servant". Otherwise, very amazing script! does what it needs to, farms that construction xp so you don't have to!
  4. jos99
    Version: 1.5.17
    Works perfect useing Phials to unnote planks, got me from 33-71 useing oak larders, but now i tried with a butler, and that doenst work. he just spam clicks the butler and then stops the bot, please fix this bug
  5. wizardbret57
    Version: 1.5.17
    Have ran this for several hours of mahogany tables without issue. Gets around 450k exp/hr without moneybag, and 515k exp/hr with one.
  6. SupremeWitt
    Version: 1.5.17
    use to work great, but no longer does. i cant use this bot at all because of an "internal bug" it continuously clicks the stairs to dungeon when i use noted planks and when i use my butler it continuously clicks call servant. please fix
  7. NotYourBuddy
    Version: 1.5.17
    Bot on average runs for about 20 minutes before getting the same error and stopping.
    Works great while it's running but has not lasted longer than 38 minutes per session:
    00:38:05 INFO Attempting to remove the object
    00:38:06 WARN We've repeated the following action 15 times with a limit of 15. Remove -> Mahogany table
    00:38:06 INFO We think we might have got stuck. Stopping to prevent any bans.
    I've used it about 10 times so far and never see it break, it always just ends in the build table menu.

    Edit: I think I solved my problem, make sure your bell/building side is facing an empty space. This solved my issue.

    Edit 2: While the previous solution extended my run time I still get run times that end after 10 minutes. Wouldnt mind if it just paused the bot but, it always stops it causing me to pay another $0.15
  8. BobZoc
    Version: 1.5.17
    Fixed mode, resizable. Starting in house, starting outside. It doesn't really matter. The bot will unnote once at phials, go to the house, build 3 ladders, then stop. It will (in the prompt) be stuck at "trying to build ladder" or whatever it is despite having no unnoted planks in the inventory.

    I am unsure if it is just oak ladders or if it is all things that are not working. I have only tried the oak.

    It just isnt working. All my other bots are working, so I don't think Runemate is currently having issues. Hopefully it gets looked at.
  9. matt123456789
    Version: 1.5.17
    Does the job that needs to be done. Helps if you manually call over the butler the first time. But does need to be "babysat" when doing teak benches. Like another had said, you eventually just sit on the bench and never get back up . Lost maybe a buck to that fact.. no big deal
  10. PickleCheesy
    Version: 1.5.16
    Building oak larders, using Phials. Bot does not remove last larder and does not leave (log says 'Failed to leave house'). If I click the portal to leave, it starts again, but gets stuck at the end of the next inventory. Not worth the cost it as have to babysit.
    1. Noah
      Author's Response
      RuneMate's API is fucked. Will be fixed whenever Cloud can fix it.