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Kills The Leviathan, a boss from Desert Treasure II!

* Perfect prayer
* Avoids rockfalls and moves into the light orb
* Spec switching in enrage phase
* Banking
* Several traversal methods (Ring of shadows, POH fairy ring, Amulet of the eye)
* Death walking
* Break handling

Setup recommendation:
* Normal phase: Highest Ranged DPS gear you have (Bowfa recommended)
* Enrage phase: Webweaver bow for special attack
* Small amount prayer, lots of food
* Ring of shadows for transportation

* Does not yet support Awakened variant

First release
Last update
3.31 star(s) 42 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Leviathan Mate v1.3.2 Released!

    Leviathan Mate updated to v1.3.2.
  2. Leviathan Mate v1.3.1 Released!

    Leviathan Mate updated to v1.3.1.
  3. Leviathan Mate v1.3.0 Released!

    Leviathan Mate updated to v1.3.0.

Latest reviews

Consistently keeps teleporting out between 100-200 HP with full inventory of supplies. Have tried changing settings with no improvement
Idk what people are complaining about because im killing the boss with recommended gear set up just fine. Yes youll take some damage but its not messing up completely.
Bot was stuck on bank didnt find potions which was definetly in the bank.. Spend 3 hours of money for some bugs and errors.. Would like a refund please.
bot completely stalls when trying to use restore method. remove this or put a none option bot would be 5/5 stars. besides that if u bank ring of dueling and just eat food to max hp when stuck it works.
Bot does nothing except travel to boss lair and just stays there. Does not attack boss, teleports non stop between POH and wizard tower fairy ring, wasting wallet time and my time.
It always gets stuck on the rock jump during travel. otherwise would be a favorite bot. once you pull your character south, it will jump over the rocks. but otherwise it gets stuck on it's own
Will do 1 kill using minimal food and restore doses, but will teleport out on all subsequent kills. Full HP, full prayer with 18 food in inven and 3 doses and full spec bar.
Has gotten me 100+ kills only thing is it sometimes gets stuck in the bank after getting your inv loadout and just stalls. if i manually tab out of the bank once the loadout is complete the bot continues as it should.
The bot it too 'perfect', i think its the guitar hero prayer switching that caught me a 2 day ban.
the bot is good with the fight mechanics cant fault it, but the loot side and restoring side needs some improvements, its now twice not picked up orb drops or other high loot drops and teleports out straight after fight if has no food and not pick up loot, also the restoring side of things, it uses 5 house teleports before healing and then going to bank, if these cant be fixed this would be the greatest bot.