MaxiLunarTablets 1.0.10

Not your usual tab maker

  1. Aidden
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    Makes teleport tablets for the teleports from the Lunar spellbook. They are tradeable however they can't be traded on the Grand Exchange.
    More info: Magic tablet

    • Supports all Lunar teleport tablets
    • Supports rune pouch
    • Skill tracker
    • Ability to change settings after the bot has started
    • Break handler
    How to use


    • Level 69-89 Magic depending on the teleport selected
    • Access to Lunar Isle
    • Some teleports require the completion of Lunar Diplomacy
    Required items:
    • Seal of passage - You must have this on you when on Lunar Isle or you will be kicked off the isle
    • Soft clay
    • Rune pouch (Recommended)
    • Law runes
    • Astral runes
    • Staff of earth / Staff of fire / Staff of water depending on the teleport selected
    Start the bot on Lunar Isle with at least a Seal of passage in the inventory