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MaxiLunarTablets 1.1.17

Not your usual tab maker

  1. Aidden
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    Makes teleport tablets for the teleports from the Lunar spellbook. They are tradeable however they can't be traded on the Grand Exchange.
    More info: Magic tablet

    • Supports all Lunar teleport tablets
    • Supports rune pouch
    • Skill tracker
    • Ability to change settings after the bot has started
    • Break handler
    How to use


    • Level 69-89 Magic depending on the teleport selected
    • Access to Lunar Isle
    • Some teleports require the completion of Lunar Diplomacy
    Required items:
    • Seal of passage - You must have this on you when on Lunar Isle or you will be kicked off the isle
    • Soft clay
    • Rune pouch (Recommended)
    • Law runes
    • Astral runes
    • Staff of earth / Staff of fire / Staff of water depending on the teleport selected
    Start the bot on Lunar Isle with at least a Seal of passage in the inventory

Recent Reviews

  1. wildrs2
    Version: 1.0.11
    Graduated to the Premium Version <3 Bot works almost flawlessly! 10/10 recommend...one more thing i've run into is if your rune pouch is full & you have more runes in your bank, the bot will literally withdraw the entire stack from your bank and try to fill the pouch leaving the excess in your backpack taking up 2-3 spots depending on what you're making. For a newly released bot, this thing overall works amazingly! Thanks Aidden <3