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Make up to 300k profit and 40k magic xp per hour, it's almost too easy!


  • Charges Air orbs, Earth orbs, Water orbs and Fire orbs!
  • Drinks your choice of energy restoration potion if you're below the threshold to save doses!
  • Supports Stamina potion, Super energy and Energy potion as well as an option to not use them - Ironmen you're welcome ;)
  • Drinks Antipoison/Superantipoison/Antidote+/Antidote++
  • Eats food
  • Equips Amulet of glory(When charging Air or Earth orbs) and your staff if they're not equipped
  • Withdraws required equipment from the bank if we don't have it
  • Uses Amulet of glory when charging Air or Earth orbs to get back to Edgeville
  • Uses Falador teleport tablets when charging Fire or Waterorbs to get back to Falador
  • Anti-pk ensures you have the best chance of surviving another player attacking you
  • Death walking if you do happen to get killed
  • Experimental 3 tick orb charging option
  • Hops worlds if a pker that can attack us is detected
  • Walk to bank option for Ironman
  • Supports agility shortcuts in the taverley dungeon

MaxiBots features

Activity system
  • Configure as many activities as you want and it will move on to the next one automatically after the specified goal has been met
  • Multiple goal types: Create x amount of items, run for x amount of time, run until a level is met, or no goal at all
  • Option to log out when all activities are completed or to let the games idle timer do it for you

  • Save your activity profile and it will be remembered every time you run the bot so you don't have to waste time setting it up every session
  • Save as many profiles as you need
  • Some bots include predefined profiles for things like common 1-99 routes, how cool is that!
  • Option to automatically start the bot using the last profile that was ran

Break handler
  • We all need a break from the grind every now and then, your bot should too! Configure break profiles to make your bots play style look more humanlike
  • Save as many profiles as you need
  • Automatically generate a break profile based on min/max break length and min/max play time between breaks
  • Option to manually configure breaks, including editing breaks that were auto-generated

Item and profit tracker
  • Track all items gained or used
  • Shows item quantity, value, profit, hourly quantity and hourly profits per item
  • Shows overall profit and profit per hour

Change settings on the fly
  • Selected the wrong thing or had a change of mind mid session? No worries! Simply go back into the configuration page and update existing activities, or even add new ones. The changes will be applied as soon as you press start!

Stop after a given runtime
  • Ever worried you'll forget to stop a bot? Worry no more! With the stop timer you can set the bot to run for any number of hours and minutes and it will automatically stop when the time is up


  • Level 56-66 Magic
  • Level 70 or 80 Agility if charging Fire or Water orbs is highly recommended
  • RuneScape Membership

Required items

  • Stamina potion
  • Antipoison/Super antipoison
  • Amulet of glory if charging Air or Earth orbs (Not required but makes trips much faster)
  • Falador teleport tablets if charging Fire or Water orbs
  • Staff of air/earth/fire/water
  • Your choice of food


1. Make sure you have plenty of the required items because you'll be running this bot non-stop once you see the gold piling up in your bank!
2. Make sure you have a Staff of air either on your player or in the bank
3. Turn auto-retaliate off
4. Make sure your Player 'attack' option is set to 'Always right-click' or 'Hidden' to avoid accidentally attacking other players and getting skulled

You can start the bot just about anywhere!
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    MaxiOrbs updated to v1.6.54.
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  3. MaxiOrbs v1.6.52 Released!

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Latest reviews

please add spell tp
Works well. Only issue I had when testing on fire orbs was for each run, it takes out 1 falador tele tab, 81 cosmics and 26 orbs. After the trip, it'll have 3 cosmics remaining and then for the next run, take out another 81. It keeps doing this so you end up having a collection of cosmics build up in your inv which looks sus.

If only doing 26 orbs, it should take 78 cosmics.
Just keeps loggin out before performing any actiong.. wasted money trying to start it up about 5 + times. do not use this bot. its broken..
It tells you why it stopped. So instead of restarting it 5 times, read what it says and if it's bot correct, post a bug report. You didn't even mention the settings used so i have no way to reproduce this without testing every possibility.
It was doing great yesterday but there seems to be a little buggy right now. I keep getting stuck after going down the ladder near the entrance.
gets stuck on the ladder. kinda sketchy
Excellent bot. Got 66-99 magic with another account a long time ago. Im deff using this bot again with my new account. Also the developer is responsive and professional. 10/10
Does a good job of running to the air obelisk and banking. My issues with it are the clicking actions are too repetitive along with the camera movement being the same each time. Would also be nice to be able to use house mounted glory instead of glories or walking back only for irons as well.
I get stuck in the jumps in the fally dung trying to charge fire orbs.
instantly fell in love with this script after realizing how smoothly the world hopper works upon leaving obelisk IF/WHEN a Pker shows up. However after said hop, when the script goes to bank in new world, it will withdrawal a fresh anti, then simply log. rating 5 stars cause I'm confident this will get resolved !
Re-rating this 5 stars. After following all instructions in the discussion thread, got this to work perfectly.