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  1. slashnhax

    Fight Caves Mate 1.5.5

    Try the trial version: Fight Caves Mate Trial Check out the discord channel: Discord - A New Way to Chat with Friends & Communities This bot isn't a silver bullet that absolves all RNG to complete the caves. Start the bot just outside or inside the Fight Caves. Use the trial to make sure your...
  2. michael5555

    Mikes Construction 1.2.81

    Setup Fill up your moneybag if you have it, otherwise ensure you have money in inventory Ensure you have saw + hammer or gardening cans if using bagged plants. Bagged plants require a house in rimmington Ensure you have planks in your bank (butler fetch from bank mode) or noted planks in...
  3. J

    OSRS Jad pray switcher?

    Or even a round 1-62 fight cave bot? Preferably a pray switcher would be awesome though!!
  4. dylan turner

    Ironman Road to Max with Runemate

    Dylaster4's Road to Ban Hello i am making this thread so i can keep track of my progress mainly for myself but also to show off to you guys. I will be updating this weekly to let youknow what i have been doing with my accounts, and posting progress reports of scripts i have been using and...