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  1. E

    Resolved Cant use the RS3 scripts please help

    im new to runemate , I recently just downloaded it added 10$ i want to do a fishing bot , i only have jagex launcher downloadeqd as runelite dosent support rs3 , it wont find a client to start the bot? :(?
  2. B

    OSRS (selling )twitch prime acc for runescape

    hi selling twitch prime acc for runescape loot bulk also availiable pm me in disocrd bhuvan750#0507
  3. rsvoid

    200M 07 GIVEAWAY

    200M OSRS GIVEAWAY! How to Enter: Sign up to the Forum here Read this forum post GOOD LUCK! bump Giveaway is now at 250m! get entered and join the discord for an active marketplace guys!
  4. rsvoid


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  5. dandelions

    RS3 2800+ total lvl, 138 combat lvl, 10+ years, all skills 99+, PRE-ARCH MAXED

    Hello guys, i'm an old RS3 player that recently returned to Runescape to explore the new skill. Though I don't find myself playing this game as much as I used to, and I think i might wanna sell it for the right price. Game Type (RS3/OSRS): RS3 Asking Price: Negotiable Account Details: 800m+...
  6. dehipim652

    State-of-the-Art SOCKS5 Proxy Service || Unlimited IPs || On-Demand Rotation || Best Price

    FREE trials are accepted! See below. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– What's the difference with other providers? You are allowed to rotate your IP and get a unique one anytime you want. No rotating restrictions, no IP limits etc...
  7. X

    Question System update in-game

    How would the bot react after the countdown of a system update had ended? Curious. :D
  8. probemas_team

    ❤️Probemas.com ⭐No IDs⭐Many methods⭐Loyalty Rewards⭐Extra GP for Crypto✅Coupon Inside

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  9. D


    Hi i will pay good money for my own personal private scripts for use on one account as i am extremely cautious of losing this account. i really hope someone can help me. Yours sincerely Jaidos.
  10. B


    My ONLY discord: buyinghcacc#4095 HCIM IN STOCK : 4 Price : $100 IRONMAN IN STOCK: 0 Price : $80 Currently Only Accepting paypal, you can choose to pay in OSRS GP but, the price will be much higher! All details provided upon purchase! Some accounts come with a linked email which you...
  11. soichiro

    Beginner over here

    Hi guys how are you, I wanted to know who could guide me or explain how to start in this bots I'm really interested and I don't know where to start, anyone who passes me a post or some help to understand about all this for runescape.
  12. zantaryan

    [WTS] Runemate Credits

    Selling runemate credits (RMC) for OSRS/RS3 GP. [OSRS] 1$ = 1.4m OSRS GP [RS3] 1$ = Equivalent worth of OSRS GP exchange through exchange sites Discord: Zantaryan#5600 Minimum buy: 2$ Bumpy :)
  13. zantaryan

    OSRS [WTB] OSRS GP 0.65$ per mill

    As the title states, if you got some GP for sale, message me on runemate or discord. Discord: Zantaryan#5600 Message me on runemate before selling, to make sure it is me! Bumpy :)
  14. lad

    OSRS [Noob Guide - OSRS/RS3] Using Windows Installer on Google Cloud Server

    [Noob Guide] Using Windows Installer On a Google Cloud Server Info: Google has a free 365 day $300 credit for trying their cloud servers. Here you can get your own vps for botting on. By far not the best solution; however, free is free! I noticed that some people are receiving a message when...
  15. A

    Resolved Does the client update itself

    Hey guys, I'm new to using Runemate, and I haven't botted in years. Do I have to update the runemate client as Runescape updates (there was an update at 12:30PM EST today) or does it autoupdate, as I am not able to run any bots.
  16. therevelo

    How to start botting?

    Hey, i recently started botting but only made 250k in the last days. Could you give me a few suggestions or antyhing how to start botting? Thanks.
  17. ahgvist1

    OSRS Looking for Abyss runecrafting bot

    Please make this i dont mind if its premium bot
  18. D

    Resolved disconnection issues?

    This is weird since yesteday I have been unable to bot on my account... It will load up a script and do it for 5-15 minutes before it then crashes saying it's lost connection to runescape? I want to be reimbursed for the scripts that have failed over the past day because of this issue... I...
  19. W

    Ironman cb 122 ironman 2k+ total 530m+ bank qpc

    WTS my high level ironman 122cb 2k+ total 530m+ bank questpoint cape selling ironman PM for more info Will be using a middle man
  20. jojo

    OSRS Looking to buy mid level main account for a decent price.

    Like the title says I am looking to buy a mid level main with decent stats for osrs. I will pay in osrs so you know I won't chargeback. But we will use a middle man to hold gp until I verify the recovery information. So no I will not buy an account with no recoveries. I will recover the account...