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  1. wait

    NMZ Mate 1.3.7

    Formerly Prime NMZ - a smart, safe, and feature-rich Nightmare Zone bot! Supports all Prime NMZ features!
  2. L

    Noble KBD 2.0.6

    Features: * Equipment config * Break handler * Supports POH restoration * Supports combat potions * Supports Piety/Rigour If you encounter any bugs or have feedback feel free to reach me out in the Noble Discord server: Join the BB & Noble Bots Discord Server! Bot is supposed to be 1 tile...
  3. L

    Booty Chicken Massacre 1.1.0

    Start anywhere and massacre those chickens Requirements: Have Direct Input enabled in RuneMate settings
  4. michael5555

    Mikes Warriors Guild Keg Balancer 1.0.62

    Performs Jimmy's warriors guild keg balancing room. Requires energy potions and food. Setup Remove any helmet, gloves and weapon Start within warriors guild bank or Jimmy's room
  5. con100

    OSRS Combat Training (Duel Arena)

    Hi all! I'm not sure if anyone will even be able to create what I'm about to explain. But I've got to ask... I'm very interested in this method and the fact it can be used on F2P and is very cheap. Game Mode: OSRS Summary: 2 accounts required! Both accounts to start at duel arena, one which...
  6. D

    Any Combat Bots that allow potion Consumption? i feel i've tried them all.

    i could be missing something. This is OSRS by the way. Thanks
  7. P

    OSRS Requist: Str bot (Keg warriors guild balance) 70k xp/h

    When you've got 'str + att = 130(+) ' then you can enter the Warrior's guild. When you go the the second floor, you will see a keg on ground. When you take an inventory full with energy potions than you can start. You balance the keg on your head, after a few second you get +108 Str xp, and -10%...
  8. swych

    Hexis Fighter 6.1.1

    Hexis Fighter Originally by Qosmiof2, now maintained by Swych Sometimes simple is better and it doesn't get more simple than this bot. Current features Eats anything edible in inventory Requires food to run