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  1. R

    Question Vorkath mate

    Hello, First time trying this website, i got a free trial on the vorkath mate. How do i add gear in the equipment tab? When i press is nothing but empty spaces show up.
  2. O

    Resolved RESOLVED - Runemate app doesn't launch - Windows 10

    RESOLVED Hi - I'm having trouble launching Runemate on Windows 10. I have followed the support thread and uninstalled/deleted cache and tried to reinstall but when I try to open Runemate nothing appears. Following steps: - reinstalled Runemate with the Windows installer - installed Java (most...
  3. L


    Hii yesterday everthing worked fine for me, today i was 2 hours in after that this Error accurred han some one help ? Thanks Rolf
  4. L

    Bug Error at 25% Failed communications bridge

    Hii yesterday everthing was fine for me. but today after like 2 hours i will get this error message in the bot launcher can some one help `?
  5. J

    Resolved Has something changed/updated in past 24 hours? None of my bots are working..

    Hi all, Been using stuff without a problem until today - now I will start a bot (have tested this for a number of bots I used and all have similar issue) and either 1) I will run over to the object/area I need to interact with and then nothing will happen, or 2) If I am already next to / close...
  6. A

    Bug Runemate isn't recognizing my osrs client

    I have the new jagex osrs installer and cannot get the original osrs client without it. Runemate is not recognizing my client when it is open. Even when I am logged in.
  7. Z

    Bug Client Wont Bind - MacOS

    hey ya'll, super frustrated trying to find a solution to error code 831468. "An unspecified error occurred while attempting to bind to the game client (code 831468). Please restart RuneMate and try again, or seek support if the problem persists." so i am seeking support. I have cleared me...
  8. P

    Bug Unable to use Runemate with OSRS

    Hi all- I'm unable to use Runemate with OSRS. After I startup OSRS and runemate and then hit "start instance" I get the error message "Unable to initialize the communication bridge. Please restart RuneMate and try again. Contact support if the problem persists." Here is some system info and...
  9. A

    Bug Runemate Client problem

    I downloaded the runemate today. When I try to open it after the installation process is finished, the program becomes directly minimal. The client never opens. What should I do? I deleted and installed it several times.
  10. V

    Resolved Supporter

    Hello! I bought a supporter rank for 4$, But i wanted to buy credit for premium bots. Could I get a refund, or transfer the paid amount into botting credit? Would really help :) Thanks for ur attention!
  11. O

    Macros Won't Work on Runelite?

    Just asking around if anyone knows because I had the brilliant idea of setting up my old school bot with a Macro to record the mouse and keyboard input and its not working on the Runemate Spectre client but it works otherwise. I used a macro to set up the settings like the loot table for a bot...
  12. J

    Bug Failed to Bind - Help Needed

    Everytime I try to load a game (regardless of acc, proxy, etc) I get the notice "Failed to bind to the game client because of an Exception". I have used runemate before with no issues. I have uninstalled all files and re-installed to try and resolve and this does not work. Cache has been...
  13. T

    Bug ChromeBook

    I know chromebooks are shitty but thats all i got. ANY WAY to download it on chromebook? can't figure it out. any help would be appreciated.
  14. A

    Bug Forgot password

    I used a password different from my usual and i cannot remember it
  15. R

    Bug IntelliJ / RuneMate bot directory, not loading bots on the client

    I just finished pushing my first finished bot to SVN. I had to mess around with some things in SVN and now when I try to run my code from IntelliJ, the RuneMate client in sdk mode it doesn't show up with my bot anymore. I have checked that my directory is set correctly, here are some images...
  16. notsmile

    Bug I know this has already been posted multiple times but...

    I have purchased $3 a month subscription to Runemate and I should be able to run 3 instances but it says that I'm not able to because of an AgentInitialization error. Can anyone help?
  17. slimzera

    OSRS client

    Hey guys, I've just downloaded OSRS client on my computer to get back at botting again and when I try to open the installer it just don't load. Do you guys know how to fix it? As Runemate only works on the official OSRS client as far as I know.
  18. D

    Question So left my Bot on and am away from home for 4 days. Anyway to turn it off remotely before ban.

    Hey guys, So left my bot on, not really thinking that I would be away for 4 days. The bot did not have a break timer... anyway to turn the bot off remotely from signing in on another device or something? Not trying to get banned lol Thanks!
  19. B

    Bug I paid $5 for 4 accounts right?

    I want to run 4 bots... I paid to accomidate that but every time I try and run more than 2 bots an error occurs and one of the bots crashes. This has caused me to pay for 3 hours worth of premium scripts and I haven't even mined an inventory of tin... I don't really care about the money, its...
  20. A

    Resolved reached maximum 200 hours

    it says I have reached my maximum amount of hours, but I haven't even used any of mine this month, and it says I also have 80 hours from last month also left over please help!