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Hacks light bush and claims those sweet gout tubers.

How to use:
  • have required items in the bank
  • have decent armor equipped
  • start the bot near Camelot or Catherby
  • select desired options and click "Run"

Items to have in the bank:
  • Camelot teleport tabs (5 Air + 1 Law rune also supported!)
  • Any form of antipoison/antidote (Antidote++ recommended)
  • Any machete (Red topaz machete recommended)
  • Any decent weapon supported
  • GP (480 per boat trip)
  • Decent food
  • Optional: supports rings of recoil
The bot will withdraw the required items and automatically start heading towards Tai Bwo Wannai to hack light bush.

In my experience the bot collects roughly 1 goutweed tuber per hour for anywhere between 600k-900k per hour (will do more testing for a more exact number).


  • effectively handles combat
  • eats and uses antipoisons when needed
  • runs from Broodoos and worldhops
  • many different items supported
  • customizable break handler, to log out for a little while every X minutes
  • customizable AFK handler, to idle the bot for a little while every few minutes
  • traverses effectively across Catherby and Karamja


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First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 10 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Cuppa GoutweedTubers [BETA] v1.1.4 Released!

    Cuppa GoutweedTubers [BETA] updated to v1.1.4.
  2. Cuppa GoutweedTubers [BETA] v1.1.3 Released!

    Cuppa GoutweedTubers [BETA] updated to v1.1.3.
  3. Cuppa GoutweedTubers [BETA] v1.1.2 Released!

    Cuppa GoutweedTubers [BETA] updated to v1.1.2.

Latest reviews

I just wanted to make sure i came on here and told everyone just how good this bot is... Yea sometimes it gets stuck on a bank wall but other than that this bot is flawless, ran for 10+ hours with breaks and received over 6 Gouts! Keep up the great work sir!
I realise this is BETA, but it's incredibly wonky. Has to be babysat for sure.

- Pathing is all over the place
- Banking has issues (will get stuck outside bank building spamming banker with "i can't reach that")
- Doesn't attack anything that comes out of the bushes, just stands there and idles. If you turn on auto retaliate it won't be able to hop for broodoos.
I'm sure there's more to improve but I gave up after this.
Very valid, it's definitely a wonky bot and I recommend babysitting.

Thank you for the review!
Works well but mine was only going for the dense jungle instead of the light jungle
I sent you a DM, but to reply here too:

The bot chops dense jungle because it has a higher chance of spawning a gout tuber than light jungle.

It's counterproductive, but light jungle depletes quicker, whereas dense jungle lasts longer & gives more of a chance to spawn a tuber.

Please consider writing an updated review, as the current behavior is preferable to light jungle.
Worked great! Went out to get dinner and came back to a gout tuber in 1-2hours!
Got me a gout tuber pretty fast, it was working well and reliably, did everything as described, thanks cuppa.

Glad it worked solidly :)
Got me my gout tuber so quick and was flawless. Honestly considering gout tubers price atm (1.6M) it could be worth it to look into this to optimize it a bit, feels a bit slow at times(?). If you're averaging a gout tuber an hour like you said, this is a 1.6M/hr script for low levels.
I do agree that gout tubers have always been an underrated moneymaker, especially now that tubers are currently so high.

Honestly though it just seems like an unpopular method in general so it's a bit difficult to justify a super polished bot for it. But I will keep it in mind that this may be something to revisit. Glad it's solid still at least.
Worked fine, but then went ahead and ate the tuber...
Lol, whoops. Sorry about that.

Honestly this is one of my most half-baked bots, which is why I keep removing it (I only re-add it when I get specific requests for it).

I'll probably just remove the bot again soon, as it gets almost no use & is kinda buggy (as you've seen).
what stats need the account to runn the bot perfect =?
The bot is a bit half-baked honestly, I most just released it as it might be helpful to people.

Any decent stats should be okay really, the bot just needs to be able to fairly comfortably kill the snakes, spiders, etc. So maybe very roughly base 40 stats at least & a decent weapon. But you can play around with it and see.

2.The stuck problems, the bot is fully capable of getting stuck at 2 interfaces:

- ship navigation to karajama
- logout/worldswitcher interface

this mainly happens when bot is in resized mode then turned fixed mode when script starts

3. Once tuber is looted not all sticks will be dropped, 3-4 sticks persist in inventory on dropping.

4.The lazy combat, often when spider/snake spawns the bot continues to hack vines until it is agroed by these mobs, rather then actively seeking to exterminate them.
Cheers :)

#2 sounds like a common runemate bug (not a bug with the bot). With any bot on runemate, if you switch screen modes (from fixed to resizable or vice versa) while runemate is open, interfaces will break. This is a bug known by admins, but can be avoided by only changing screenmode while runemate is closed.

#3 I think I know what you mean, the bot fails to drop all the sticks every time it empties the inv. Hypothetically I could look into fixing this, but honestly I don't think it matters much as it'll just drop them the next time. This just happens because it is dropping them quickly.

#4 is fair, the combat is lazy :P But honestly if the bot isn't actually being attacked by the mobs, they're just nearby, there's kinda no need to kill them right away. The bot will just kill them when actually under attack.

Anyway thank you for the review, glad it's mostly working for you :)
works great!