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Defeats Scurrius for great combat experience.

How to use:
  • equip your combat armour
  • start the bot in Varrock or The Varrock Sewers
  • select desired options and click "Run"
  • Efficiently & fully automatically defeats Scurrius in Private instances
  • Kills summoned giant rats extremely quickly when using Bone shortbow/staff/mace
  • Fully customizable looting
  • Banking & customizable re-supplying
  • Eats the "Food Pile" every 10 minutes to heal
  • Intelligent stop conditions, such as running out of ammo or staff charges, or being in an unrecognized area
  • Intelligent food & looting handling
  • Optional: supports 37+ spec weapons, including all common ones
  • Optional: supports many combat boosting potions (Combat/Att/Str/Def/Mage/Range, Divines, Supers, Saturated & Imbued heart)
  • Optional:supports multiple teleport/banking methods
    • Walking to Varrock East bank
    • Varrock East Teleport (using Runes, Tablet, or Pouch)
    • Grand Exchange Teleport w/ Varrock Medium Diary (using Runes, Tablet or Pouch))
  • Optional: supports using offensive prayers
  • Optional: supports 1-tick prayer flicking
  • Optional: alchs armor drops
  • Optional: buries big bones between fights
Features in all of CuppaJava's Bots:
  • Saves settings from last session, even when you close Runemate. Jump right back in next time!
  • Customizable break handler, to log out for a little while every X minutes.
  • Customizable stopping handler: to stop the bot after a selected amount of time.
  • Intelligent delays between actions.
  • Progress log with a bunch of info.
  • My own custom, robust traversal system written from the ground up. Doesn't rely on the Runemate "web" to work!

Bot Settings:

First release
Last update
4.79 star(s) 24 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Cuppa Scurrius v2.1.10 Released!

    Cuppa Scurrius updated to v2.1.10.
  2. Cuppa Scurrius v2.1.9 Released!

    Cuppa Scurrius updated to v2.1.9.
  3. Cuppa Scurrius v2.1.8 Released!

    Cuppa Scurrius updated to v2.1.8.

Latest reviews

Amazing bot
So smooth. So easy going down your throat. Another grade A bot from Cuppa <3

4.5/5 only because I wish this had a minimum food req setting before starting the next fight. This is brilliant for use on my ironman, however, entering a fight with 4 or less food sometimes causes me to lose a kill. Granted, my stats aren't peak, but I just think it would be a neat setting to add.
Love the bot, love the script builder, loyal to him till the end.
I appreciate the feedback & kind words <3

I do agree ideally the bot should have an option for minimum food before starting fight; Honestly it's just been sidelined because technically the main purpose for the boss is the XP from fighting it and not necessarily the drops, so technically (as long as you have a bone weapon) it's still efficient XP training fighting a battle that it will need to leave.

That being said, that's just kinda why the feature was bumped down in priority but I should still add it (especially for people pet hunting, getting first spine etc). Will try to bump up on my list (just a bit swamped with the Cuppa Moons of Peril release right now)
Another masterpiece by Cuppa <3 ( Only if you could add a slight delay between killing regular Rats, he clicks perfect on tick each of Rat's that spawn. maybe add a 0.01 - 0.05 delay between killing them on that phase.

I suppose I can look into adding some more delays on the rats. It's just that people requested I make it faster and faster killing them (since they're basically 0/1 tick kills), so I don't want to add too much delay.

Will look into it though. Thank you for the feedback.
Amazing and flawless bot! great job!
Great Bot, can't fault anything, only addition i would add is maybe being able to use restores + prayer potions
Cuppa comes through again as usual. Amazing, flawless bot. Im not even maxed but I stay at scurrius indefinitely with this bot. Perfect player flicking, doesnt use a single sip of prayer potion. Im on 4k kills using this bot, I have the pet and have finished my collection log. Now using it for XP. Would highly recommend.
A Cuppa masterpiece.

106k Def/hr
35k HP/hr
760 Magic/Hr (alch)
33 kills per hour
310k GP/hr

I liked this bot so much I did medium combat tasks to prevent prayer loss at barrows and hard morytania diaries for double barrows runes to get more chaos runes.
I did hard diaries to get elite void and then got all void pieces and the elite upgrades.
I got 70 prayer.
I got the berserker ring and spent hours to get its upgrade.
I got a fire cape.
I even got the book of the dead to summon thralls.

I currently have 1400 KC with this bot running it for over 40 hours. I never have to bank as the bot will pick up food to heal and pick up prayer pots and will eat the pile of food when low as well.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Great bot, Likely to use again as it had very few issues and any that it did have were promptly fixed :)
Works well, haven't had a single issue so far (150kc)