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Dark Charter Crafting PRO 1.01.05

Crafting XP tailored to IMs at charters

  1. Dark sage
    Charter Crafting for Ironman and Ultimate Ironman

    Ironman/UIM oriented
    • Must have gp and ur choice of superglass make spell method
    • bot will not bank
    • only supports Glassblowing
    • will buy blowpipe when required
    • Simple UI trackers
    • Works at any charter where you can buy soda ash and sand
    • Must start near the charter
    There are 2 simple settings
    - Option to sell back sand/ash and items made (if u cant sell back disable it)
    - Option to lower item required for spell casting
    - Default is 10, (max per world)

Recent Reviews

  1. flokij
    Version: 1.01.05
    Used to work without any problems but now it keeps saying i dont have the runes for it which i did have
  2. apupau2
    Version: 1.01.05
    Make sure to disable world hop warning before using this bot. Also I do not recommend using the sell back option because when shops are overstocked it breaks the bot. Otherwise it does a good job, 65k exp per hour. Thank you for helping the ironman crafting grind!
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      Sell back is intended for standard accounts not irons sorry
  3. senacuss
    Version: 1.01.05
    Works OK, used it for 85 crafting on my Iron. However, there's a bug that causes script to break when it tries to hop to full/almost full world: client keeps running in a frozen state and continues charging you per hour until you eventually return to the client and stop it manually.
  4. Wet Rag
    Wet Rag
    Version: 1.01.03
    went 90-99 crafting no issues at all, wonderful bot
    1. Dark sage
  5. adfadfeadf
    Version: 1.01.02
    Decent bot but on an iron man you need to babysit it. The bot sometimes get stuck trying to buy from the shop when it is overstocked.
    1. Dark sage
      Author's Response
      I see you have double posted here and feedback, I was unaware of the overstock issue as it first to report it. Id recommend moving somewhere more secluded and I will get an update queued ASAP
  6. Literacy
    Version: 1.00.05
    This has been a life saver on my Iron. Works perfectly.
  7. smolbunno
    Version: 1.00.05
    This is a lifesaver with how terrible crafting training is on an IM. Works great.
  8. Astrum
    Version: 1.00.05
    bot works good. Ran this straight for 50+ hours w/ no breaks and went from 60-85 on my IM. Thanks Dark