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Divine Herblore Lite 3.0.5

Cleans green and makes pots for a profit. (Lite)

  1. Serene
    Currently supports cleaning and making finished potions for guam leaf, tarromin and marrentill herbs. For all pots and herbs, check out "Divine Herblore Pro" on the Botstore.


    • For bug reports:
      • For every bug report, upload a copy of the follow logs:
        • RuneMate / Spectre Logs
        • Shared Logs
        • Game Logs
        • Bot Logs that match the specific instances you're having issues with (i.e. Divine-###)
        • If RuneMate will not let you upload as .log files, rename them to .txt files or upload them to pastebin.
        • Logs can be found by selecting Help -> View Logs in the RuneMate client. They can also be found (on Windows PC) at C://Users/User/RuneMate/logs
      • Describe the problem as much as you can.

    • For refunds

      • You will need to include everything requested in the bug report section above.
      • You will need to post wallet screenshots that verify that you paid for the session(s).
        • The screenshot should include your username and session transactions to verify that it is you who made the payment.
      • Refunds are only made for bot errors. If the problem is caused by user error (your fault), or client error (i.e. an update to RS, or common client exception), a refund will most likely not be given.

Recent Reviews

  1. NotSari
    Version: 2.3.15
    Made attack pots from lvl 40-70 with virtually no problems. Has troubles with secondary ingredient sometimes. Also it auto shutdown a few times, but my account was logged out too so no harm I felt it was no prob.
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      There is a time limit with the free version. If the bot turns off, it is because of that.
  2. rickp1337
    Version: 1.0.3
    just pay the 7cts/hr for the complete version
    this bot feels somewhat pointless considering it cant make a complete pot (wont do unfinisheds) but the functions it does have do work great. personally i wouldnt suggest bothering with this due to the limited functionality,

    i have some doubts about the herb cleaning considering the new rules on AHK since its fairly fast and it follows the same sideways pattern
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. The bug with completing full potions should be fixed on next push!

      Also thanks for the suggestion, I can add variable speeds for how fast it will clean - and patterns for in which way it will clean (up/down vs sideways). In regards to being afraid of how fast it cleans the herbs, you can always turn your mouse multiplier down to slow down the cleaning speed. The bot will also occasionally skip some herbs in pack and go back to them to less resemble ahk.