Divine Herblore 2.4.0

Cleans green and makes concoctions for a profit.

  1. Serene
    THE all-in-one OSRS herblore bot
    (profit while you train one of the most expensive skills)
    Currently includes:
    • Extremely simple interface; no clutter
    • Task based system that includes cleaning, mixing unfinished potions and making finished potions. The bot will continue through your tasks until they are all finished (will go to a next task if you run out of items or hit your stopping point for that task).
      • Each task gives an option for a stopping point via iteration or level (aka you can say stop cleaning herbs at 60 herb or 5000 herbs cleaned). The default for each is unlimited (i.e. until you run out).
    • BreakHandler - so you can run it all day/night and still resemble human playstyles
    • Amulet of chemistry support
    • Multiple cleaning option patterns
    • All herbs & most potions supported (check below to see if yours is supported)
    • Performance of ~4k-5k+ cleans/hr & ~1.3k-2k+ pots/hr
    • Accurate output info including profit, skill and item info trackers
    Note: This bot makes 3 dose versions of all potions listed below. If there is a potion that will allow you to make 4 doses without an amulet of chemistry (stamina), then support for 4 doses isn't included. You will need to buy supplies to make the 3 dose version.

    Please post on the discussion thread if you have any problems, or would like to request more features and potions!

    • For bug reports:
      • For every bug report, upload a copy of the follow logs:
        • RuneMate / Spectre Logs
        • Shared Logs
        • Game Logs
        • Bot Logs that match the specific instances you're having issues with (i.e. Divine-###)
        • If RuneMate will not let you upload as .log files, rename them to .txt files or upload them to pastebin.
        • Logs can be found by selecting Help -> View Logs in the RuneMate client. They can also be found (on Windows PC) at C://Users/User/RuneMate/logs
      • Describe the problem as much as you can.

    • For refunds

      • You will need to include everything requested in the bug report section above.
      • You will need to post wallet screenshots that verify that you paid for the session(s).
        • The screenshot should include your username and session transactions to verify that it is you who made the payment.
      • Refunds are only made for bot errors. If the problem is caused by user error (your fault), or client error (i.e. an update to RS, or common client exception), a refund will most likely not be given.

    Supported herbs:
    Guam leaf
    Ranarr weed
    Irit leaf
    Dwarf weed

    Supported potions:
    Attack potion
    Regular antipoison
    Strength potion
    Restore potion
    Energy potion
    Defence potion
    Agility potion
    Combat potion
    Prayer potion
    Super attack
    Fishing potion
    Super energy potion
    Hunter potion
    Super strength
    Weapon poison
    Super restore
    Super defence potion
    Ranging potion
    Stamina potion
    Magic potion
    Zamorak brew

    Saradomin brew
    Antifire potion
    Extended Antifire

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Recent Reviews

  1. B0ssmuppet
    Version: 2.4.0
    did it for 1 hour, hour later while manual playing banned.
  2. connah92
    Version: 2.4.0
    54-91 herb no problems tyvm to the dev great script
  3. Baby Milo
    Baby Milo
    Version: 2.4.0
    No issues, ran for about 8 hours straight today with flawless results.
  4. karioverlord
    Version: 2.4.0
    Tried lite and couldn't do a thing so I paid for the full version it is just as buggy. Didn't clean the tarromin, didn't make the unf pots and didn't finish any pots. too 3 minutes to find the tasks and then just got buggy and stuck in the bank once and the other time just logged out.
  5. Hunter Erick
    Hunter Erick
    Version: 2.4.0
    high probability of getting banned from using this. Theres currently a bug where it verbally says 14 every time it withdraws from the bank creating an obvious bot spam.
  6. sem44556677
    Version: 2.4.0
    Works, but is not really optimal. Camera never moves and the amulet of chemistry gets equipped right when it crumbles to dust.. Humans can't be that precise. Would like to see more human elements in this script
  7. FlabbyMan
    Version: 2.4.0
    A+++ ran for hours no issues. So many options. idk what earlier review is saying about ranarrs? i was able to everything ranarr related+ so much more. Only bot with amulet of chemistry support which is great! Thanks, will be using again, and recommend to all
  8. Siberia
    Version: 2.4.0
    Turned the bot on my main account so i could get a level or 2 got banned for macroing within 1 day, lost my main ive been playing on for 3 years, honestly not sure what to do lol shit bot
  9. Fallschirmjagar
    Version: 2.4.0
    Edit to my post below. This bot works great for every herb except Ranarr. Works for all others, but just breaks and stops on anything Ranarr related, except cleaning.
  10. Fallschirmjagar
    Version: 2.3.19
    Used this bot a year back and it was awesome, now it is trash. Set it up to clean 654 Ranarr, mix 654 Unfinished Ranarr Potions, then complete 654 Prayer Potions. The bot cleaned 690 Ranarrs, mixed 520 Unfinished Ranarr Potions, then stopped after 22 minutes, then charged for an hour. I made three attempts and the above mentioned scenario was the best.