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Divine Master Farmer Lite 2.0.3

Who's picking the herbs now?

  1. Serene
    Runs the pockets of the draynor farmers. With ease.


    Note: The LITE version has a limit on it. In order to bypass this limit, you will need to pay for the premium version.

    Start at bank or at the farmers. Choose whichever food you want, and how many you want to withdraw when banking. If you're healing at the bank, I recommend staying around 5-7 withdraw amount, otherwise ~10 is good. Should get you to your 53 thieving in no time. (Heads up: If you want to avoid getting attacked by market guards, wield a bow without arrows)

    Currently Supports:
    • Ardougne & Draynor Market
      • (Ardougne support is premium only)
    • Intelligent stealing (running from combat; playersensed idling while stunned, etc)
    • Ability to choose which seeds to drop & which to keep (premium only)
    • Over 20 food options with detection for food leftovers to drop
      • Ability to run without any food (premium only)
    • Healing at bank before going back to steal
    • Break handling (premium only feature)
    • Dodgy necklace support
    • Support for low hp skillers
    • Profit tracking
    • Custom option to stop bot execution when achieving levels (premium only)
    • For bug reports:
      • For every bug report, upload a copy of the follow logs:
        • RuneMate / Spectre Logs
        • Shared Logs
        • Game Logs
        • Bot Logs that match the specific instances you're having issues with (i.e. Divine-###)
        • If RuneMate will not let you upload as .log files, rename them to .txt files or upload them to pastebin.
        • Logs can be found by selecting Help -> View Logs in the RuneMate client. They can also be found (on Windows PC) at C://Users/User/RuneMate/logs
      • Describe the problem as much as you can.

    • For refunds

      • You will need to include everything requested in the bug report section above.
      • You will need to post wallet screenshots that verify that you paid for the session(s).
        • The screenshot should include your username and session transactions to verify that it is you who made the payment.
      • Refunds are only made for bot errors. If the problem is caused by user error (your fault), or client error (i.e. an update to RS, or common client exception), a refund will most likely not be given.
    v1.0.0 re-release and on:
    check updates section


    -free access
    -small updates for efficiency
    -custom bot stop option
    -Removed breakhandling

    -supporter access only

    -new UI
    -updated banking methods


    If you are enjoying my bots, feel free to donate: Anything helps!
    Thanks (y)

Recent Reviews

  1. ShaunSlays
    Version: 2.0.2
    doesnt work
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      what doesn't work about it?
      there's a bug report guide in the overview. using it may help me help you.
  2. Grooooot
    Version: 1.1.23
    Used to use this alot but its broken bad. Keep spam clicking random stuff. Fails to go to the bank. Isnt withdrawing the food, even after I walk it to the bank myself.
  3. Soulfulsoles
    Version: 1.1.20
    Absolutely fantastic bot. have been using it for the past week or so and the issues encountered are very minimal :)
  4. JackSparr0w
    Version: 1.1.16
    nice script
  5. Lordender
    Version: 1.1.15
    Exceleent BOT
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      thanks for the review!
  6. NotSari
    Version: 1.1.14
    This bot works great. Have gotten lvl 70 thieving from it from 43 off draynor farmer.. My only wish for this bot is that it would thieve faster, the max pickpockets/hr i seem to be able to get is in the high 500s. Which is like half what it could be. If it was sped up a bit this would be hands down the best thieving bot.
  7. bert1995
    Version: 1.1.13
    best one
  8. zebrabacon
    Version: 1.1.12
    Excellent bot. Never had a single issue in all the time I've been running it. Gone from about 35-70 thieving over the course of using this bot.
  9. treayshawn
    Version: 1.1.12
    works flawlessly everytime for me! 5/5 dont have to babysit
  10. SkyGuy
    Version: 1.1.10
    Does the thing. WTB tuna food support