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Divine Magics Lite 3.1.5

Dumbledore couldn't stand a chance. Gandalf might.

  1. Serene
    The All-In-One Magic Training Bot
    Supports all rune and staff combinations, and almost all spells (see below)! Rune pouch support has returned!

    Premium Version Features:
    - Full-featured skill & item-profit tracker
    - Fully customizable break-handler
    - Custom task system allowing unlimited spell-tasks (rules mentioned below)

    Standard Book:
    - Level 1-7 Jewellery Enchanting (all possible jewellery supported)
    - Enchanting crossbow bolts (all types supported)
    - Teleporting (all teleports supported, except Ape Atoll)
    - Elemental combat spells supported (all strike, bolt, blast, wave, surge are supported)
    - Combat-lowering spells (all are supported, i.e. curse, weaken, confuse, stun, enfeeble, etc.)
    - Bind spells (bind, snare, entangle, etc.)
    - Superheating (all bars supported)
    - Alchemy (High and Low both supported)
    - Stun-alching, tele-alching and other various spell/alch combinations (applicable to all stat-lowering, bind, and teleport spells)
    - Auto-cast, manual-cast and active-cast splashing supported

    Lunar Book:
    - AFK Plank-making (all planks supported)
    - Manual/Active plank-making (all planks supported)
    - Super-glass make (all item combinations supported)
    - Humidify (all humidify items supported)
    - Tan-leather (all dragonhides supported)
    - String jewellery (all possible jewellery supported)
    - Bake Pie (all pies supported)
    - Hunter kit
    - Spin flax
    - Recharge dragonstone

    Ancient Book:
    All spells supported
    - Auto-cast, manual cast and active-cast splashing supported

    Arceuus Book:
    Most teleports supported

    Free/Lite Version Features:

    Standard Book Features:
    - Combat spells: Wind Strike
    - Stat lowering spells: Confuse, Curse
    - Jewellery enchanting: Level 2 (emerald only)
    - Crossbow Bolt enchanting: Jade, Opal
    - Superheat: Bronze bar, Iron bar
    - Teleports: Varrock, Camelot
    - Alchemy: High & Low Level

    Lunar Book Features:
    - String Jewellery: gold amulets only
    - Spin flax

    A few suggestions for optimal performance (these are not required):
    • Set OSRS hotkeys to default
    • Turn off force-menu interaction in the client
    • Start with all necessary runes in pack for the first task. If using NPC tasks only, start with all necessary runes in pack for ALL tasks
    • Disable tab collapsing in your OSRS view settings.
    • If using cast/alch combinations, for better exp/hr:
      • Adjust your spellbook filter to to only show the relevant spells for your casting (or as little spells as possible)
      • Adjust your zoom to be similar to this: Imgur
    "How do I use this bot?"
    This should be relatively easy to setup. You can create & add tasks of spells that you would like to cast. If you do not know how to cast these spells yourself, or have not looked at a guide to leveling using the spell you may have selected, then please look up a guide (for instance, you need at least -65 magic attack when splashing).

    When creating a task, select the desired spellbook and spell. If applicable, specify the necessary target(s) and playstyles in the offered fields. There are two stopping options offered for each task, located at the bottom of the setup area ("stopping amount" and "stopping level"). Tasks will automatically run until you are out of the provided runes and/or items. If you would like the bot to stop a specific task without using all of your supplies, specify the level and/or number of casts you would like to run for the task. Whichever stopping point is hit first will trigger the task to stop. (i.e., if you set a task to cast 10,000 times or stop at level 38, and you hit level 38 before the 10,000 casts have been activated, the task will technically still have been completed).

    After filling out all of the required fields, use the "Add Task" button to add it into your task queue. If one or more fields are missing, or a task is unavailable to you, the bot will reject your request and notify you of what needs to be changed. NOTE: Not all tasks can follow after eachother. Please scroll for more information on that.

    Once all of your desired tasks are added, press the start button on the UI. If at any point the bot runs out of tasks or doesn't know of any remaining tasks, it will give you up to 60 seconds to add one (pausing the bot will extend this time to up to 3 minutes). If no task is added after 60 seconds, the bot will end. The idea is to load tasks before starting the bot, and to load/create additional (or corrected) tasks while the bot is running.

    NOTE: When talking about combat-splashing, the 'Mimic AFK Splash' function is meant to be used when you are fighting a non-trapped NPC that is retaliating against you. If you are intending to do that, turn the "Mimic AFK Splash" option ON. If you would like to splash against a caged or trapped NPC, OR would like to use spells to actually kill an NPC(s), then leave 'Mimic AFK Splash' OFF. Also due to RS updates, splashing will no longer work near Lumbridge Castle. Please keep that in mind.

    "How many tasks can I create? What order can tasks go in?"
    - PRO users are allowed to create as many tasks as they want.
    - LITE users are limited to one task per run.

    Rules for tasking:

    • All tasks must be on the same spellbook. They cannot be across multiple books.
    • NPC casting tasks cannot follow banking tasks. (temporarily)
    • NPC casting tasks cannot follow any teleporting tasks. (temporarily)
    Bug reports are always appreciated. I'd love to make this bot as functional and efficient as possible. If you run into an issue, the best way to report it is by following the guide below:
    • To report a bug (this should be done for each encountered):
      • Upload a copy of:
        • RuneMate (Spectre) logs
        • Bot logs matching the specific instance(s) where you have encountered the bug (i.e. Divine-###-DDMMYY)
        If RuneMate will not let you upload as .log files, save them as .txt files before uploading; or upload them to pastebin.
        • Logs can be found in the RuneMate client by selecting Help -> View Logs.
        • They can also be found at:
          • Windows: C://Users/User/RuneMate/logs
          • macOS: /Volumes/Users/User/RuneMate/logs
      • Please describe the problem as best as you can.
    Refunds are offered if the bot didn't perform as promised (i.e., if there is a bot crash, the bot gets stuck for extended periods) or you ran into early-execution issues (unexpected client issues that have otherwise not been reported). In order to request one, please follow the guide below. (Note: Refunds caused by user error (i.e. you not reading the overview, or not understanding the activity prior to setting up the bot) will likely not be refunded).
    • To request a refund:
      • Please direct-message me, or post on the support thread, with all of the following:
        • All items listed in the bug-report section below.
        • Wallet screenshots (with your username & session transactions showing) to verify that you paid for the session(s) mentioned.
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Recent Reviews

  1. aetho
    Version: 3.1.5
    Great lite version. I like it when they have limitations instead of a hard time limit per week. I will be using the paid version in the future. Thank you for your work.
  2. Dopenasty
    Version: 3.1.5
    works great love it
  3. simulator
    Version: 3.1.5
    really good alcher
  4. Dumble
    Version: 3.1.5
    "- Superheating (all bars supported)" nah missing alot, it can only do bronze, iron and stell bar.
  5. FlyEaglesFly
    Version: 3.1.5
    Maybe i am doing something wrong but i can't "start bot" there are no tasks after selecting normal mage book, superheat, and iron bar, unable to do anything it's all greyed out.
  6. randomname1
    Version: 3.1.5
    Right clicks for everything, e.g. high alch. Super obvious and not human-like.
  7. Grey Stoned
    Grey Stoned
    Version: 3.1.5
    Good Men
  8. Rhysjac98
    Version: 3.1.5
  9. ShaunSlays
    Version: 3.1.5
    Actually works well now, have only used for high alching but works well and no issues for 1 week. Alching didnt work previously but now it works so happy with that :D
  10. sototwlmlahdc
    Version: 3.1.5
    Has no option to enchant level 3 gems. It only had like 7 spells it could cast in the standard book....
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      Enchant level 3 is a premium feature.