Divine Master Farmer 1.1.23

Who's picking the herbs now boy?

  1. Serene
    Runs the pockets of the draynor farmers. With ease.


    Start at bank or at the farmers. Choose whichever food you want, and how many you want to withdraw when banking. If you're healing at the bank, I recommend staying around 5-7 withdraw amount, otherwise ~10 is good. Should get you to your 53 thieving in no time. (Heads up: If you want to avoid getting attacked by market guards, wield a bow without arrows)

    Currently Supports:

    • Ardougne, Draynor Market & Farming Guild areas supported
    • Intelligent stealing (running from combat; playersensed idling while stunned, etc)
    • Dodgy Necklace Support
      • (Note: It grabs one per inventory. If you would like for the bot to use multiple dodgy necklaces per inventory, please post for support in the thread.)
    • Ability to choose which seeds to drop & which to keep
    • Over 20 food options with detection for food leftovers to drop
    • Ability to run the bot without food
    • Healing at bank before going back to steal
    • Break handling
    • Support for low hp skillers
    • Profit tracking
    • Custom option to stop bot execution when achieving levels
    • Randomized Breaks:
      • When using this section, the bot creates a number of randomized breaks that follow within upper and lower thresholds that you have selected.
      • Use this section if you don't want to specify an exact start and end time for your breaks.
      • Minimum Playtime: The minimum amount of time you want the bot to run in game before logging out and taking a break
      • Maximum Playtime: The maximum amount of time you want the bot to run in-game before logging out and taking a break.
      • Minimum Breaktime: The shortest amount of acceptable time you want the bot to spend logged out and taking a break from botting. This is your low limit.
      • Maximum Breaktime: The longest amount of time you want the bot to spend logged out and taking a break from botting. This is your high limit.
      • Amount: The amount of breaks you want the bot to create following the thresholds you have set above.
      • Once all of this is set, press create breaks and you are done!
    • Custom Breaks:
      • When using this section, the bot will create a break with the exact start time and end time (OR length, depending on which add-mode you select) based on the values you input. Use this section if you know you want the bot to run for exactly "x" amount of time and break for exactly "y" amount of time.
      • When selecting the mode "Add direct':
        • Think of this mode as "I want this break to start and end at exact times that I want to put in."
        • Start time: The exact runtime that you want the break to start at. If you enter "00:00:00" the break will start when the runtime is at 00:00:00.
        • End time: The exact runtime that you want the break to end at.
        • If I enter a start time of "03:00:00" and an endtime of "04:15:30" the bot will start and end exactly at those times!
        • Once your settings are selected, press "Add direct" and your break will be added to the list.
      • When selecting the mode "Append to end":
        • Think of this mode as "I want to create a break of exactly "x" length, but just want to add it to the end of the list that I already have."
        • Start time: The exact runtime AFTER your last break, when you want your next break to start. Think of this as "how long you want the bot to run after your last break before starting a new one." If your last break ends at "01:00:00" and you select "02:00:00" for append-mode, your next break will start at exactly "02:00:00" (or 2 hours) after the break ending at "01:00:00" (or at exactly "03:00:00".
        • End time: The exact runtime AFTER this specific break STARTS that you want it to end (in reference to the start time). Think of this as "how long do I want this break to run", and add that value to the start time to determine your end time. For example, if I want a break to run for 3hrs and my start time value is "01:00:00", then I would input "04:00:00" (because 01:00:00 + 3hrs is 04:00:00)
        • In short, if you are using this mode you are most likely trying to setting an "exact length" for a new break (after a list full of already created breaks). This is NOT to be thought of as setting an exact start and end time - if you are doing that, use the "add direct" option.
        • Once your settings are selected, press "Append to end" and your break will be added to the END of the list.
    • For bug reports:
      • For every bug report, upload a copy of the follow logs:
        • RuneMate / Spectre Logs
        • Shared Logs
        • Game Logs
        • Bot Logs that match the specific instances you're having issues with (i.e. Divine-###)
        • If RuneMate will not let you upload as .log files, rename them to .txt files or upload them to pastebin.
        • Logs can be found by selecting Help -> View Logs in the RuneMate client. They can also be found (on Windows PC) at C://Users/User/RuneMate/logs
      • Describe the problem as much as you can.

    • For refunds

      • You will need to include everything requested in the bug report section above.
      • You will need to post wallet screenshots that verify that you paid for the session(s).
        • The screenshot should include your username and session transactions to verify that it is you who made the payment.
      • Refunds are only made for bot errors. If the problem is caused by user error (your fault), or client error (i.e. an update to RS, or common client exception), a refund will most likely not be given.

    If you are enjoying my FREE bots or want to support outside of usage payment, feel free to donate: Anything helps!
    Thanks (y)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Sipakk0
    Version: 1.1.23
    Some nerve you got u got bruv. One of the most expensive to run and it goes to shit immidietly. Shit bot, don't bother guys
  2. M E L K
    M E L K
    Version: 1.1.23
    It works but does not use my dodgy necklaces or eats food
  3. Macknchz
    Version: 1.1.23
    big fan of this bot but it desperately needs an update. somethings causing it to bug out and spam click water
  4. Playing RS is Gay
    Playing RS is Gay
    Version: 1.1.23
    Bot works well, it does withdraw dodgy necklaces but only during food runs which honestly isn't a big deal imo. Only issue was that it didn't log out once it reached my target level, so keep that in mind.
  5. Elvis Depresley
    Elvis Depresley
    Version: 1.1.23
    Does the work! Already got 70 thieving on two accounts with this bot.
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review
  6. DeadlyMeowster
    Version: 1.1.23
    Doesnt even withdraw food or dodgy necklaces. Remove from store please.
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      Bug report guide is in the overview :)
  7. OndrayFelipe
    Version: 1.1.23
    good bot, just wished there was a random event pc dismisser. huge for anti ban
  8. anter
    Version: 1.1.23
    Thanks for updating. Keep at it.

    It misclicks frequently when farmer moves though and doesn't have much antiban. Also I set food withdraw choice to 2 and after first full inventory and bank it withdrew 27 food and made the next trip practically useless.

    But.... it works. Just need to babysit at this point. Thank you.
  9. 365
    Version: 1.1.22
    slow, not human-like at all, one sure way to bantown
  10. Tomas Guillen
    Tomas Guillen
    Version: 1.1.22
    Break handling not working- Shift click either- interface bugged canĀ“t see th break handler buttom.
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      Reload the UI with the UI reload button.

      Also, reviews are not for issues or bug reports. Post in the discussion section. Would've taken 2 mins for a response to help you fix it.