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Divine Master Farmer 2.0.3

Who's picking the herbs now?

  1. Serene
    Free seeds. Free Gold.


    Currently Supports:
    • Multiple thieving locations
      • Ardougne​
      • Draynor​
      • Farming Guilds (North, South, and East)​
    • Intelligent stealing (running from combat; getting through trapped gates/fences; remaining productive while stunned).​
    • Dodgy necklace support​
    • Desired seed selection (choose what to drop & what to keep)​
    • Almost 30 different food options with leftover detection (won't waste inventory space)​
    • No-food support (you can choose to steal without withdrawing food)​
    • Support for low-hp skillers (will actively run safer if you're a skiller)​
    • Bank-healing​
    • Full fledged item-profit and skill tracking with customization.​
    • Custom option to stop running at a desired level.​
    • Extremely customizable break-handler.​
    Bug reports are always appreciated. I'd love to make this bot as functional and efficient as possible. If you run into an issue, the best way to report it is by following the guide below:
    • To report a bug (this should be done for each encountered):
      • Upload a copy of:
        • RuneMate (Spectre) logs
        • Bot logs matching the specific instance(s) where you have encountered the bug (i.e. Divine-###-DDMMYY)
        If RuneMate will not let you upload as .log files, save them as .txt files before uploading; or upload them to pastebin.
        • Logs can be found in the RuneMate client by selecting Help -> View Logs.
        • They can also be found at:
          • Windows: C://Users/User/RuneMate/logs
          • macOS: /Volumes/Users/User/RuneMate/logs
      • Please describe the problem as best as you can.
    Refunds are offered if the bot didn't perform as promised (i.e., if there is a bot crash, the bot gets stuck for extended periods) or you ran into early-execution issues (unexpected client issues that have otherwise not been reported). In order to request one, please follow the guide below. (Note: Refunds caused by user error (i.e. you not reading the overview, or not understanding the activity prior to setting up the bot) will likely not be refunded).
    • To request a refund:
      • Please direct-message me, or post on the support thread, with all of the following:
        • All items listed in the bug-report section below.
        • Wallet screenshots (with your username & session transactions showing) to verify that you paid for the session(s) mentioned.

    If you are enjoying my FREE bots or want to support outside of usage payment, feel free to donate: Anything helps!
    Thanks (y)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Raiyz82
    Version: 2.0.3
    Trash dont waste your time
  2. FlyEaglesFly
    Version: 2.0.3
    No longer working, something with today's update maybe
  3. Sipakk0
    Version: 1.1.23
    Some nerve you got u got bruv. One of the most expensive to run and it goes to shit immidietly. Shit bot, don't bother guys
  4. M E L K
    M E L K
    Version: 1.1.23
    It works but does not use my dodgy necklaces or eats food
  5. Macknchz
    Version: 1.1.23
    big fan of this bot but it desperately needs an update. somethings causing it to bug out and spam click water
  6. Playing RS is Gay
    Playing RS is Gay
    Version: 1.1.23
    Bot works well, it does withdraw dodgy necklaces but only during food runs which honestly isn't a big deal imo. Only issue was that it didn't log out once it reached my target level, so keep that in mind.
  7. Elvis Depresley
    Elvis Depresley
    Version: 1.1.23
    Does the work! Already got 70 thieving on two accounts with this bot.
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review
  8. DeadlyMeowster
    Version: 1.1.23
    Doesnt even withdraw food or dodgy necklaces. Remove from store please.
    1. Serene
      Author's Response
      Bug report guide is in the overview :)
  9. OndrayFelipe
    Version: 1.1.23
    good bot, just wished there was a random event pc dismisser. huge for anti ban
  10. anter
    Version: 1.1.23
    Thanks for updating. Keep at it.

    It misclicks frequently when farmer moves though and doesn't have much antiban. Also I set food withdraw choice to 2 and after first full inventory and bank it withdrew 27 food and made the next trip practically useless.

    But.... it works. Just need to babysit at this point. Thank you.