MaxiWorldWalker 2.1.1

Makes marathon running look easy.

  1. Aidden


    • Walks you to wherever you want to go
    • Options for which kind of path to use
    • Ability to turn collision flag caching on or off
    • Custom destination support
    • Shows path build time
    • Shows path length
    • Shows current position
    • Shows the position you started at
    • Shows the destination position
    • Shows you the path coordinates
    • WebPaths support lodestones, and some teleport items if you have them on you

    Known Bugs:
    • None
    Bug Report Format:
    Note: If you do not try to follow this format, your bug might not get fixed. This format helps me solve the problem efficiently and reduces the need to constantly ask you formore information.
    1. Status displayed in the paint at the time of the incident (Can also be found in your error logs if the bot crashes)
    2. Where was the destination
    3. Details of what happened.
    4. Any other info to help me reproduce the issue.
    Future Updates:
    • Interactive map that you just click on and it walks you to that location

Recent Reviews

  1. lordofevil45
    Version: 2.1.1
    For the most part, it does what it is supposed to really well. The only issues I've had so far are with going to the Lumbridge castle bank. It fails to build a path no matter where I try it from. Also, it would be nice to have an option to turn off teleporting because if your teleports are on a cooldown, it just continuously clicks on the teleport until the cooldown has finished.
  2. fawxplus
    Version: 2.1.1
    What can I say? It does what it's meant to do. It walks.
  3. merciy
    Version: 2.1.1
    just spam clicks walls and doesnt go anywhere
  4. Yunk
    Version: 2.1.1
    Great bot, sometimes it can be a little buggy however restarting it and caching collisions seems to fix it. Great bot though :D
  5. yummytummy
    Version: 2.1.1
    i swear this bot is retarded. It will get stuck over and over clicking one side of a wall then clicking the other. Make sure you baby sit it
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      I swear you're retarded. The bot uses the built in web so it's not a bot issue.
  6. copycat111
    Version: 1.0.1
    Its a good bot, love it. Wish it wouldnt get confused so much, also maybe you could add more locations and an option for a "safe route" that will take longer but be safer mostly for lower leveled players.
    1. Aidden
      Author's Response
      Safe route isn't possible unfortunately as paths are generated, not predefined.
  7. lnxepique
    Version: 1.0.1
    I use this whenever I forget wearing a fresh ring of wealth/duelling, because I am just too lazy to walk to the next bank. Also great for new accounts, saves lots of time traveling. Looking forward to future updates!
  8. lnxepique
    Version: 1.0.0
    Saves me so much time on my f2p account. I always hated walking to the G.E from the Varrock loadstone. I am looking forward to the future updates!