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Kills the abyssal sire for you.

Requires: Abyssal Sire or Abyssal demon slayer task. Ornate pool, Jewellery box, and fairy ring in house.
Start with gear, shadow barrage runes, with ancient spellbook, and house tabs in inventory.
You'll most likely need stams in bank.

Sire Setup

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First release
Last update
3.25 star(s) 24 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Necks Abyssal Sire v1.0.41 Released!

    Necks Abyssal Sire updated to v1.0.41.
  2. Necks Abyssal Sire v1.0.40 Released!

    Necks Abyssal Sire updated to v1.0.40.
  3. Necks Abyssal Sire v1.0.39 Released!

    Necks Abyssal Sire updated to v1.0.39.

Latest reviews

Necks has stopped updating their bots so as with others, this gets stuck constantly. AVOID
almost perfect sometime its stuck on one of the spot first wave
also its not loot everything
Works for me did not need to be baby sat did traversal and banking shit fine
Could be a 5 star review, the only 2 things that need some work are, in the first part of the fight it does not constant pray melee, it try to flick but its missing ticks so please let it pray melee constantly. Second thing is, when its house tele it just stands there and not do anything untill you manually equip a dramen staff, then it will do anything it needs to. please fix it then i make it 5 star!
bro this bot would be absolutely flawless if you updated it just a little once in a while... keeps picking up bloody ashes even tho i tell it not to and it bugs it out in the house at the pool... everytime i baby sat and burried the ashes before it banked not a single problem.. please fix your bot, people who use this script arent using burner accounts.. kinda a kick in the dick
Listen, it works...sometimes, having problems it just dying randomly, and ive lost about 4 mill cause its 500k each death. gets stuck after a restock and dying and then just idk.. i followed directions to a T. just needs updated
seems to work good but you have to follow all the instructions and bring ancients. If you dont follow all instructions itll prob wig out
Ignore below comments. Bot works fine if you follow the steps given by author.
Haven't died while running the script. Script will continue without potions if you still have enough food left, but besides that still doing solid work on this annoying boss.
Completely broken which is unfortunate as it doesn't look to be getting updated anymore.
Broken, kills just fine, though sometimes it like stops computing and gets hit by tentacle to death if the bot happens to be sitting there. It breaks when using my ornate pool, then my ornate box. It just uses all my teleports, after teleporting to castle wars, after I run out of house tabs, it uses my Radas blessing 4 and spams "No ring of dueling ending bot in 5 minutes"