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Necks Abyssal Sire 1.0.41

Slays the sire

  1. goblinneck
    Kills the abyssal sire for you.

    Requires: Abyssal Sire or Abyssal demon slayer task. Ornate pool, Jewellery box, and fairy ring in house.
    Start with gear, shadow barrage runes, with ancient spellbook, and house tabs in inventory.
    You'll most likely need stams in bank.

    Sire Setup

    Join the discord for guides or support: Join the Neck's Bots Discord Server!

Recent Reviews

  1. peepoPogTreeHouse
    Version: 1.0.41
    Does sire well, But Unsired is not in the list of items to always pick up so the bot might not pick it up. Be sure to add it manually unless it gets updated.
  2. GypsyMan
    Version: 1.0.41
    Bot works really well however it didn't pick up my Unsired drop on a iron now its gone ....
  3. Dogdogdogdog
    Version: 1.0.37
    Don't really get the negative reviews below.
    Have not encountered any of those problems in the couple hours I just ran the bot. No hiccups, can't confirm unsired problem as I haven't had the drop.
    Bot still 100% flawless for me. Would love to see respiratory systems update (it always casts 1 spell even after system is already down).
  4. Gamerboi5ever
    Version: 1.0.37
    works great but it dropped unsired..... kinda pissed tbh but cant do anything about it. looks like we will have to get another, would be nice to be able to make it where it loots it instead of dropping it.
  5. PhillyD
    Version: 1.0.36
    It worked fine for about 200 kills, other than double casting, but now when I tried to start it today it just keeps saying it needs shadow barrage to work... but, I have shadow barrage obviously and the runes are in my pouch, tried taking them out and it still didn't work.
  6. jayzeep
    Version: 1.0.36
    works well if you baby sit it. when it goes to restock it spams the rejuv pool
    Version: 1.0.35
    Firstly it casts shadow spell twice without having to, it got stuck trying to destroy a vent that had already been destroyed. Had to force click the vents to make it progress and ended up dead because it didn't avoid the poison
  8. lnf
    Version: 1.0.23
    fuck yeah
  9. tyler0512
    Version: 0.0.36
    At this point, the bot is very buggy, and sometimes it won't equip my master wand, and ill sit at the boss clicking. The bot will just let you just die when it runs out of food, and when it dies, the bot stops, so if you're not babysitting this thing, you will only get about 10 kills before it stops itself with death or stands in one place looking like a bot. overall it will get you kills but you have to watch it the whole time. I'm sure it will be better in the future.
  10. DerpKane
    Version: 0.0.34
    Runs as intended