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Necks Kalphite Queen 1.0.42

Squish the big BUG

  1. goblinneck
    Kills the Kalphite Queen for you.

    Start with 2 ropes in inventory if no ropes on KQ tunnels

    HouseBank: Requires house teleport, ornate pool, fairy ring, and jewellery box AND Start with house teleport runes / tablets in inventory
    FeroxBankRestore/ArdyCloak: Requires dueling rings, Ardy cloak, dramen staff

    Join the discord for guides or support: Join the Neck's Bots Discord Server!

Recent Reviews

  1. Cobra Cummander
    Cobra Cummander
    Version: 1.0.42
    this bot struggles with 1 kill trips in max gear... tele loops until stopped between poh and castle wars... ignores all phase set ups that arent phase 1.... yeah this bot needs a good update
  2. jason246111
    Version: 1.0.42
    Ok it kills KQ not too bad, however if its getting nailed by a guardian it doesnt move to the back of the lair so it won't off you, so u tank meele the whole fight. Other than that the mechanics for fighting are okay, but it should reset the room after kill because half the time KQ spawned 5+ minions that hit u the entire next fight. Banking wise, its a mess, it can't bank at all it withdrawls the randomest stuff in my bank, a ring of visibility, carpenter trousers? It can't bank at all, if i manually bank it will tp back and it DOES use elite desert diary shortcut which is great. But without banking theres no point in using this cause the trips are only 3 or 4 minutes.
  3. xchickiraa
    Version: 1.0.42
    got stuck in a loop while looking for a bank, tp-ing to castle wars and tp home again and again for minutes, after just 1kill which took 6 mins from fairy ring to killing the boss. it face tank the boss and eats up all the supplies.
  4. HelloM8
    Version: 1.0.36
    Bot has potential but it's just not all the way there yet where I can confidently run it without stressing or babysitting. Currently only getting 1-2 kc a trip with max gear.

    Some things that went wrong and could be improved on:

    - Thinks the boss is dead during the 2nd phase even when it's still at 1hp, and just stands under it without killing it
    - Doesn't find the KQ right away when it enters it's lair. This results in venge getting popped by the melee because it stands right next to it idle for 1-3 seconds
    - Doesn't recognize the right phase sometimes and uses the wrong equipment for the wrong phase
    - Spam clicks "peek" when someone is in the lair already fighting
    - Would be a huge improvement if it could detect the weapon used and use the step under method accordingly to match the ticks
    - Should add an option to go back to POH after every kill for folks who has Elite Diary done

    Happy to change my ratings once some changes are made! The bot definitely has potential!
  5. pekorasan123
    Version: 1.0.33
    It worked perfectly for me. It banks correctly, but you do need a construction cape/probably some type of way to enter your POH to start the bot. Did 20 kills no problem so far.
  6. zun
    Version: 1.0.33
    I've set this up according to your discord guide. The bot kills the boss just fine, however when banking it puts all my gear back in the bank and gets stuck in a loop of depositing and retrieving a super defense and super strength pot from the bank. So I end up having to bank and refresh manually, walk it back to the lair, wait for the fight to finish, rinse and repeat. Asked for assistance on the discord, ignored. Would not recommend.
  7. BennyD
    Version: 1.0.15
    couldn't get a kill in full bandos got stuck at ornate pool tried for several minutes to fix wouldn't work.
  8. army85
    Version: 1.0.7
    It's a pretty good bot. Does the job, but I have a few complaints:
    1. When the bot gets to the lair, it does the step it calls "searching for bug" where it goes around the room to find the queen. It does this in the stupidest and slowest way possible, moving a short distance at a time, seemingly randomly, sometimes backtracking. It should just head to the opposite side of the room or check each corner, etc. This could easily be improved.
    2. I won't be using this bot much for one key reason: the switches are too fast. I'm not sure exactly what effect this has on ban rates, maybe I'm being paranoid, but it does the full 6 way switch for me not just in 1 tick but literally all at the same instant. Just seems way too botlike and makes me fear a ban.
    3. Got stuck once or twice using the jewlery box. I wouldn't recommend leaving this bot on at night or something for fear it'll get stuck in an endless loop and get you banned.
    4. One time, it killed the queen, then went to step "waiting for respawn". Thing is, the queen did respawn, but just out of sight of the bot and the bot didn't know this and just kept waiting. The bot should have a timer and searches for the queen when it's expected to have respawned.
    5. Doesn't summon thralls. Not a huge deal, but would be nice to include.
  9. gelina
    Version: 0.0.39
    bot stuck at ornate pool, it keeps clicking on it and doesnt do anything else
    1. goblinneck
      Author's Response
      Try disabling house plugin
  10. jakaxd123
    Version: 0.0.38
    Banking using ardy cloak is completely broken. It just runs to ardy zoo and then teleports back over and over again.