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Barrage / Burst monsters in Kourend dungeon
First release
Last update
3.00 star(s) 8 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Necks Barrager v1.0.55 Released!

    Necks Barrager updated to v1.0.55.
  2. Necks Barrager v1.0.54 Released!

    Necks Barrager updated to v1.0.54.
  3. Necks Barrager v1.0.53 Released!

    Necks Barrager updated to v1.0.53.

Latest reviews

bot not working anymore need update, wasted money
Runs smoothly! Dont see what people complain about, 500-700kc an hour, decent GP for what it is. yes it's loots every thing, and go to the bank. but see it as a safe futere. so it's not standing there same place for hours.

GJ on this. ;)
the loot list is not working. Its looting everything and gets stuck in traversing from a place to a bank, i.e castle wars bank to kourend and used up 200 of my home teleport. everyone says its fixed. meh. try it out yourself then you'll know.
It bursts really well no issues with gathering/stacking/barraging. The only issue is it doesn't listen to my changed loot settings, it appears to be picking up a bunch of garbage in the default settings loot area. I've since changed it but it's still picking up stuff I don't want. If the inventory gets full it immediately stops rather than banking or something. Should be changed because its kind of a rip off in that aspect. Overall decent bot just be careful with looting.
This bot used to suck but it's working a lot better now. It's worth doing your nechs and devils tasks with this, and it's a lot more reliable.

I would still MUCH prefer if it didn't prayer flick every tick. I'm totally happy to waste like 2 prayer potions per task to look less bot-like and also be safer (sometimes the bot misses a tick and you take a ton of damage from all the enemies you have stacked up).

Would be 5/5 if an option to not prayer flick was added.
Honestly not a very good bot at all. Doesn't have blood barrage support at all, like not even as the primary spell, and ideally it should do ice barrage on Nech's until low hp, then do 1-2 blood. barrages. It also has other small issues like it'll try to hop worlds to find a free one, but if it hops to a world with a warning message (such as a high-risk world) it will not navigate the warning and get stuck.

The worst part of this bot is that it 1-tick prayer flicks the nechs. This is a terrible design choice, because the bot often misses ticks and you're under so much fire when barraging nechs that you die almost instantly. I died 3x on this bot it's honestly just not worth using. *This bot does not need to 1-tick flick* It just makes it look more bot-like, and the prayer drain is so minimal you use like 2 prayer potions per task. It's so pointless, terrible decision by the bot author and just bad design.

It also stopped attacking the nechs randomly when I was lucky enough for its 1-tick flicking to not fail for more than 5 minutes in a row (which was rare...).

Cannot recommend until these issues are fixed. I stopped using the bot out of frustration and I just manually barrage my nechs tasks now.
Trash, I will take the bot to Kourend and move it to Dust Devils. It will lure them and then stack them, but then if you have the house teleport or ornate pool option enabled it will keep teleporting back to your house to refill on run energy. This will happen every time when it tries to lure the dust devils, so nothing ever happens. I turn this feature off and it lures the dust devils and then it stacks them, and then it stands there until it dies.
Not sure how these other people got this bot to work
Works great. I hate nechryael and dust devil tasks because you cant really afk them but this helps a lot. I do have a couple suggestions though:

Let us choose whether to flick prayer or bring prayer potions.
Let us manually add loot to pick up via it's name rather than alch value.

Other than that, it's great!
Works very well, thank you