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Necks Alchemical Hydra 1.0.49

Neck the Hydra

  1. goblinneck
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Recent Reviews

  1. Poolord
    Version: 1.0.49
    Sometimes works fine, others it just does stupid stuff like standing on the poison whilst going through all of your food before teleporting out. Frustrating honestly, when it works, it works well.
  2. PhillyD
    Version: 1.0.49
    It works for the most part. Make sure you have rada's blessing in your inventory, and everything should work out fine. The stop feature is broken though. I set it to stop after 3 hours, and woke up to it still going 8 hours later. It only got 63 kills though, so I think it legit went to bank, and just kept logging in and out.

    Edit: Yep, the breaking and stopping feature are both broken, so the bot must be babysat. It spam logs out and in while standing at the bank.
  3. xchickiraa
    Version: 1.0.49
    One of the few Neck's scripts where it is working well. Not sure why there are so many complaints. Noticed neck's script is highly recommended to have a clean fresh runelite profile if not there will be bugs or any issue. Still has some issue with looting where it loots everything but 95% of hydra's loot are stackable/alchable except for super restores so pray u don't get supplies drop as often in 1 trip as it picks them up.

    One thing i wish that would fix is the script being able to detect when the task has ended. The only way the script ends once the slayer task has ended by suiciding at hydra and the script ends once you have died or u can set a timer on when it ends.
  4. kj1234
    Version: 1.0.49
    Has to be baby sat, gets stuck on phase 2 sometimes doesnt lure it to weaken the defence and sits there getting rinsed. Walking to/from bank was fine
  5. Seppo6699
    Version: 1.0.49
    cant leave it to run without babysitting. Dies often, and most of the time it just bugs out and keep teleporting with radas blessing.
  6. Goatfugger
    Version: 1.0.49
    Runs good. Handles the boss encounter well. Traversal and banking using house/ornate pool/ornate box/rada's blessing 4 work well. All you can really ask for in a bot. Some issues persist with the bot not adhering to loot lists, seems like these issues are common across a few of your bots.
  7. pietystruck
    Version: 1.0.49
    Combat is near perfect, occasionally takes a big hit.
    Traversing is broken, banking is broken, requires babysitting and manual traversing and banking.

    Price of $0.12 is ludicrous.

    Create a functioning script first before you plaster Runemate with a dozen undeveloped and broken scripts.

    You are a scammer at this point.
  8. Tommy5699
    Version: 1.0.46
    The killing aspect is perfect, the only issue I have is while traversing the bot gets stuck immediately after climbing the wall and just starts spam clicking. Is there something I may be doing wrong or is it a bot error.
  9. Ruba11
    Version: 1.0.39
    Works amazing, Did 1000 kc myself untill I found this script, now 1600+ KC but still without claw. Recently the bot haven't been picking up the onyx bolts for some reason, besides that flawless. Human behaviour can be improved.
  10. army85
    Version: 1.0.39
    It's a good bot. Needs to be updated to work better with melee, as melee will do everything perfectly *except* dodge the poison on the final stage (will often stand in the poison and take tons of damage). Other than that it kills hydra and banks well.

    HOWEVER a huge complaint I have with Necks's bots are that it does some actions inhumanely fast. It banks literally all in the same tick, both depositing and withdrawing. It's laughably obvious. Honestly I would be wary of using Necks's bots too much if you don't want to get banned.

    All he has to do is slow down the banking actions, maybe add support for no prayer flicking (as that's also very bot-like) and then I'd feel way more comfortable using these bots.