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Necks Alchemical Hydra 1.0.49

Neck the Hydra

  1. goblinneck
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Recent Reviews

  1. Bredest
    Version: 1.0.49
    Few hundred KC with zero problems personally. I enjoy it.
  2. goldysmith
    Version: 1.0.49
    Been using this bot for all my hydra kills, using bowfa method very well, 170+KC with no deaths, sometimes misses getting hydra over green vent correctly, and can stuff the poison movement in the final phase and burns through food.
    4/5 needs some tweaking but overall works very well.
  3. Dogdogdogdog
    Version: 1.0.49
    Bot feels unfinished, more like a good beta. It is in no way perfect, but it does a pretty good job. Gets stuck often, requires babysitting. DO NOT update settings while in instance or it will get confused lol
  4. DancingOwl2023
    Version: 1.0.49
    tried running this 4 times and it would get stuck or lost
  5. Truegamer14
    Version: 1.0.49
    probably the only necks bot thats actually half worth running, needs babysitting though it likes to get stuck when banking and sometimes when fighting the hydra itll stop and go to the starting tile like its waiting for hydra to spawn n than just dies
  6. radiohead1001
    Version: 1.0.49
    works well as of today's game update.
  7. gilio22
    Version: 1.0.49
    Very good bot, but after update dont work for me. :(
  8. rsironmanftw
    Version: 1.0.49
    After starting this bot multiple times and losing my money each time i have noticed the following; the bot will not complete a trip and teleport away - it chooses to die instead. However will prepare for a trip at the bank properly.

    There is an error? where sometimes it will run away on blue phase instead of letting the chemical weaken it - thus dealing 300 damage hitting 12s.

    Baby sit it and pause and teleport at the end of each trip and it will continue to run smoothishly (Slow clicks between moving on its way back to hydra).
  9. RadaghastClow
    Version: 1.0.49
    Hey, bot is not working, tried 3 times and have no succes ,the bot keeps going in the corner of Alchemical Hydra's room and does nothing juse random clicks on map and eats food, wasted $0.36...
  10. pernicova
    Version: 1.0.49
    works very well but if you reacg 6 hours log it will get stuck outside the room, almost perfect, if fixed i change to 5