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Kills Cerberus

Will fight Cerberus head on, or with flinch method

Requires: Hellhound/cerberus task
House Traverse: House Located in taverly, House teleport or house tabs
Supporting alching if bringing alch runes

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First release
Last update
3.29 star(s) 17 ratings

Latest updates

  1. Necks Cerberus v1.0.42 Released!

    Necks Cerberus updated to v1.0.42.
  2. Necks Cerberus v1.0.41 Released!

    Necks Cerberus updated to v1.0.41.
  3. Necks Cerberus v1.0.40 Released!

    Necks Cerberus updated to v1.0.40.

Latest reviews

Works reasonably well (when setup correctly) for something that has no current support. Average 32 kph in mid game setup with fang. Recommend changing your house portal to taverly for optimal performance, ~10 pray restores per trip.
I'm not sure the bad reviews on this. I set it up correct. It runs correctly. I haven't noticed any mistakes so far. I can't say anything about flinch mode but normal mode destroys cerb. Traversal and restock works correct.
flinch mode didnt work, it just tries to attack head on without protection prayers, refund my session please
Keeps dieng to ghosts. Doesnt traversal back when death.
Woah sick release, I have to ask though; does this work to fight head on with wild pies? My slayer lvl is 5 lvls away from 91
Works well and steamrolls through the kills. Do note that you will need to babysit, as it goes in a teleporting loop after using the POH to castle wars. Other than that, works flawlessly and completes the combat achievements as a bonus.
I completed a full slayer task without dying and the bot works extremely well. The only problem I ran into was it would glitch once in a while banking and running to cerb and it checks to see if a player is fighting, but doesn't confirm. If there's a player in the room it will try to fight cerb anyways and this could risk your account getting banned if the player suspects you of botting
I want a refund. The bot was set for flinch method and literally stood in front of Cerberus face tanking it. In addition it didn't dodge any special attacks or prayer flick the ghosts. Completely fucking useless bot.
u have to walk urself from bank, its downloading 500mb of navigation data like its gta5 from home portal in taverley to taverley dungeum, 500mb? seems sketchy
the thing banks after every kill kinda annoying