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Necks Giant Mole 1.0.37

Slays the Giant Mole

  1. goblinneck
    Kills the giant mole for you.

    Requires: Falador Hard
    Spade, Falador Shield, Light Source or eternal fire lit (Kandarin headgear, firemaking cape, bruma torch,Bullseye Lantern supported)

    HouseBank: Requires house teleport runes, ornate pool, and jewellery box
    FeroxBank: Requires dueling ring, falador teleport runes
    Alching: Requires alch runes
    Should detect and reduce health when using Dharok's and rock cake / locator orb in invent. Will probably kill you if using divine pots (untested).

    Example setup: Mole setup

    Join the discord for guides or support: Join the Neck's Bots Discord Server!

Recent Reviews

  1. sprinkles
    Version: 1.0.37
    This is shocking. The set up is nice. Tele. food. potion. However Start the bot and it use ring of dueling straight away. Maybe after the 5 time starting it, on and off, it started to fight the Mole. Then guess what tele out. Seems like this could be a good bot. However right now its not. Shame. was looking forward to running it.
  2. Dhovakin
    Version: 1.0.37
    when starting it in mole tunnels, it kills once, then goes to bank, then absolutely goes nuts, drops everything into bank, then removes a whole inventory of trash, then says "wanted 1, have 0" and closes down. bot is broken.
  3. kida
    Version: 1.0.37
    why does it keep going to bank every single kill.... it makes no sense and takes a long time for kills...
  4. getl3git
    Version: 1.0.37
    The most recent update seems to have fixed the problems listed below, bot will withdraw correct amount of items, teleport and world switch when appropriate. Bot would attack, identify, move, pray flick, teleport and rejuvenate as described. Although Id prefer an option not to prayer flick it did manage to get something like 40 kills while I had it up with no issues. Therefore its a 5/5 at this time
  5. Jordan Perez
    Jordan Perez
    Version: 1.0.30
    script withdraws random shit from the bank lol
  6. MysticLol
    Version: 1.0.28
    it seems like i would work ok but i dont like that it doesnt have a option for prayer pots instead of food
  7. Kendal
    Version: 0.0.40
    Broken as heck, it does fine fighting the boss but doesn't pick up loot 20% of the time, and can't even bank, doesn't pull out rune pouch or poh tablets/runes for poh teleport, so it just stands there spamming poh teleport when it can't use it.
  8. copperzone
    Version: 0.0.35
    tried to use dh to kill mole. bot spammed rockcake when at 1 hp and clicking on mole at the same time. Bot does not work
  9. Tommy5699
    Version: 0.0.26
    For some reason the bot banks after every kill and I cannot figure out a way to change that, if it is intentional to bank after every kill that should be changed.
  10. Jacobbot
    Version: 0.0.13
    Working well, except it doesn't seem to be using the super sets when selecting super set for melee.