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  1. L

    Bug Runemate stops bot at 15 min mark

    Runemate stops itself, both free and pro bots. Please see attached screenshot.
  2. D

    Bug RuneMate Crashes in MacOS

    I have been trying to start the Mac and the standalone versions and both crashed after about 30 sec with no apparent error. I am running the latest macOS with an apple chip, anyone knows how to solve this? Also, when I am trying to install the Mac version, the installer gets stuck all of the...
  3. H

    Bug why does my rs3 client crash? PLEASE HELP

    everything was working fine yesterday, I try logging into runescape 3 and the client it self crashes not the bot? getting very frustrated as I just spent money to support scrips. anyone willing to help ?
  4. J

    Bug CRC crash

    I've been trying to use Visual RM bot for mining but seems shortly after starting my custom profile, I get a black screen on Runescape, a Chrome tab from Runescape explaining that it's a CRC problem and my game hangs for eternity. I've already followed the steps they want me to take on the...
  5. watertao876

    Bug Someone who knows resolve =D

    So basically, i start the script, it INSTANTLY crashes and gives me this: Is it me or client? Thanks!
  6. J

    Bug New RM Client Making RS Crash

    Using the .jar standalone RM client on Mac OS X. Updated to the newest version (2.21.0) today, and now whenever I open the client and start any bot it crashes my RS app. Pics of the errors: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  7. D

    Game Crashing

    So I'm very new to botting. Actually quite new to Runescape (returning for the first time since they took wilderness away lol). My question is for the guys that bot a toooonnnn. How do you stop the game from crashing? Sometimes my game can bot for 12 hours, then other times I'll come back after...
  8. J

    Bug Client crashing during configuring the bot

    I'm experiencing a problem with some bots ( runecrafting and divination), others (mining,smithing) are fine. When I want to configure the bot in the interface, the Runemate freezes and crashes. Can you please help me? Thank you a lot. Log included Added a Prefs folder to Java in regedit...
  9. A

    Bug Bot crash

    So thanks in advance for reading and helping me find a solution for my problem. So.. Everything was working fine. I changed my e-mail account and suddenly I cant start a script anymore. I've confirmed the new e-mail adress. Looked on my old one for a mail but said I could ignore it. What can I do?
  10. E

    Bug Strange black screens

    So at random times my pc while running runemate will black screen and lockup. I dont know how to solve it i have tried so many different things its not even funny. Someone plzz help. Pc- Win 7 Gpu Msi r9 380 Cpu and fx 8320e Ram 2×4gb hyper x fury Mobo msi 990fxa All temps are fine All drivers...
  11. R

    Bug Unable to reach 64-bit processes (Recently updated)

    hi. so I just updated the runemate client, and after I did, every time I try starting up any bot, it loads, then suddenly crashes. I got unable to reach 64-bit on like my fifth try of trying to start up a bot. please help, I cant figure out the issue. Edit- So it turns out the other bots are...
  12. M

    Resolved Client crashes after I press sign in.. help.

    Just like the title says, the client crashes after I press sign in, instead of opening the game client. Here is the hs_err_pid log i get. # # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment: # # EXC - Pastebin.com
  13. S

    Resolved Unable to launch the bot without instant crash.

    I'm sorry ahead of time if this is in the wrong thread. When ever I try to launch RuneMate the launcher crashes immediately. I have tried to reinstall java, restart computer after install. Nothing seems to work. does any one have any advice on this topic? Edit: I have windows 10 64bit.
  14. debaucher

    Resolved Bot crashes when selecting banking location

    This happens with every bot I run. Whenever I run bots without selecting a banking location (i.g. Power chopping, power mining) they work flawlessly without any crashing. However with choosing the option to bank the bot itself crashes. The game will continue to run behind the gui but the instant...