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  1. B

    Bug RuneMate is unable to detect RuneLite on MacOS

    After the latest update to RuneMate, it is unable to detect open RuneLite clients. This combined with the removal of "New RuneLite Client" makes it impossible to use RuneMate. I have always (since long before the recent update) needed to do the following when using RuneMate: - Start the...
  2. moass

    Bug MacOS When Client is closed, a full reinstall is required.

    I've performed a fresh install of macOS Ventura running on an m1 iMac. Since then i've reinstalled JRE 8u361 and runemate. Upon opening runemate after fresh installation, spectre opens, and everything works perfectly. Once closed, runemate will show that it is open (dot below application in...
  3. Z

    Bug Client Wont Bind - MacOS

    hey ya'll, super frustrated trying to find a solution to error code 831468. "An unspecified error occurred while attempting to bind to the game client (code 831468). Please restart RuneMate and try again, or seek support if the problem persists." so i am seeking support. I have cleared me...
  4. A

    Bug MacOS BigSur: Could not load JRE from the Bundle Java SE 8

    Hello guys, Im new to Runemate and im trying to run the newly downloaded Runemate for MacOS client however I receive the following error when trying to launch. "An internal error occurred (error code: Could not load JRE from The bundle “Java SE 8” couldn’t be loaded because its executable...
  5. B

    Bug MacOS AgentLoadException

    the RuneMate installer doesn't seem to be working, I've searched the forum and found other people have been having the same issue, I managed to open up the spectre only once opening it in .jar but now can't seem to find it. but when I did have it open I couldn't manage to run any scripts after I...
  6. T

    Bug Problem opening client on MacOS - HELP :)

    Hey guys, I have been having a problem opening the client on my Mac. This message appears. Does anyone know the problem? "An internal error occurred (error code: Could not load JRE from The bundle “Java SE 8” couldn’t be loaded because its executable couldn’t be located..)" Thanks :)
  7. M

    Bug MacOs multiple instances

    Hello, I am running Runemate on macOS 10.13.6 (High Sierra). I have a supporter account. When trying to run a 2nd instance (different bot than the one in use) I get a message from the Runescape client: "Please close your existing game before loading another one". One thing I noticed when...
  8. savior

    Tutorial MacOS - Fix Error 831468

    TL;DR: Remove the system classloader JVM option from the application's Info.plist file. On macOS you may be getting an AgentLoadException when trying to start a bot with RuneMate. There has been a "fix" for this in another post, which however only worked because the author made a happy...
  9. p2kapikk

    Bug macOs client resizing and freezing

    The client ( the one I'm using is booted via the standalone ) on macOs is very glitchy when it comes to resizing or moving it in general. It looks like it could be resized but it doesn't really work. Also, it often ends up out of the screen when maximizing/minimizing, It would be great if this...
  10. bigweiner

    Bug Failed to bind to the game client because of an AgentLoadException[Mac] .jar

    So i tried to use the mac download and it didn't work. wouldnt open and wasnt even really responsive so i downloaded the .jar file hoping i would have better luck. I opened it and got the client to load but when i am trying to start using it with the osrs client it is giving me the errior saying...
  11. S

    Bug Client for Mac not opening/responding

    Just installed the Runemate client for my Mac. When I go to open the client it doesn't even come up, it automatically closes it self? Can anyone assist me with this issue, thank you.
  12. S

    Bug Runemate won't open OSRS client (MAC)

    Hey there, I've looked for a long time to find a thread that was similar to the problem I'm having. I only found this one, and unfortunately it's solution doesn't help me at all. So I decided to make a thread of my own. Problem: I can install runemate just fine, I can get to the point where I...