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  1. L

    Booty Chicken Massacre 1.1.0

    Start anywhere and massacre those chickens Requirements: Have Direct Input enabled in RuneMate settings
  2. X

    OSRS Regular fighting script, low price pr/hr

    Looking for a fighting bot with support of normal fighting with prayer and the support of potions and a good looting system with several options.
  3. A

    Mort Myre Fungus Accounts

    Selling MMF ready accounts for 9.5m: With 54 prayer, this build will maximise your MMF profits. The accounts have completed Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Waterfall Quest, half of Nature Spirit (until sickle b is obtained) and a few other random quests. There is no registered email for the...
  4. A

    RS3 Just a simple bone grinder/ ectofuntus script

    Since grinding bones is really long and takes awhile I would like to see a bot that does this for you. Using the ectophial for teleports from banking at a teleport spot with a very close bank. You could of course just have the bot bank in Port Phasmatys. Then a bot for filling buckets of slime...
  5. K

    OSRS Bank to Bone Bury Bot

    This seems like a very basic bot. However, Runemate only has one that offers it that has gotten horrible reviews because apparently it does not work, for those it has worked for it had gotten them banned (obviously I didn't want to waste my time with it). I don't see how such a great botting...
  6. S

    OSRS ensouled heads ?

    im looking for a bot that can reincarnate the ensouled heads is there any out there?
  7. dekaid

    OSRS Request: Simple Bone Collector F2P

    I imagine it would be a simple script to make, however I haven't tried scripting myself. Are there any scripters who could make a bot script that could collect regular bones from cows/chickens etc in F2P? Considering the amount of bots that are actively killing them for XP and moving on to the...
  8. lucassousa

    RS3 Chaos Alter Bot / Prayer Bot

    Game Mode: RS3 (I don't know if this works on Old School); Link to wiki: Chaos Temple / Chaos Altar; Summary: This methods consists in use a altar that exist on Wilderness to bury the bones on it. The exp gained there is equivalent to exp gained on a Gilded Alter (found on players houses), and...
  9. wikte

    OSRS Prayer Flicking

    Could someone make combat bot with "Prayer Flicking" or add this feature to current combat bots? Something like this:
  10. J

    OSRS Jad pray switcher?

    Or even a round 1-62 fight cave bot? Preferably a pray switcher would be awesome though!!
  11. F

    RS3 Ecto runner

    Hi! I wonder if there would be possible for anyone to create a ecto slime runner Would be a great way to get prayer XP without using much exept ectophial and the Tokkul-Zo ring Have ectophial and tokkul in inventory. Port to ecto, down the hatch, Take the shortcut/run around depending on...
  12. W

    RS3 Prayer Cremate

    I would really love if someone could either make a cremate bot or update thier current FM/Prayer bots to support this it would be really great. Thanks