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  1. michael5555

    Mikes Alchemical Hydra 1.4.31

    Kills Alchemical Hydra using ranged method Features: - Flicks to bracelet of slaughter for kill - Supports elite diary - Ardy/House fairy ring navigation if you don't have elite diary - Failsafes for ammo running out to stop the bot - Failsafes for messed rotations, if the hydra is somehow not...
  2. R

    OSRS Grotesque Guardians?

    Any chance this gets added?
  3. swych

    Hexis Slayer Assistant 3.2.1

    Hexis Slayer Assistant This bot will reload and repair your cannon, flicks prayers, sips stat boosters, drinks antifire/antipoison, supports multiple targets, Bracelet of slaughter/Expeditious bracelet, and Special Attack weapons. Note: to setup the cannon position you must be standing on...
  4. michael5555

    Varrock Museum Cleaner 1.0.61

    What the hell is this bot? Watch this Requirements Digsite quest Patience. This a 2.5k xp/h method Setup Free up your invent and glove+boots slot Start the bot inside the cleaning area Fill in the display case 22, 36, 37, 44, 45 and hand in the clean necklace before you stop babysitting...
  5. M

    Vorkath 1.0.7

    Instructions Required: Player owned house with • Grand Exchange Portal Nexus • Lunar Isle Portal • Ornate Pool of Rejuvination Teleport to house tablets Slayer's staff (e) Rune Pouch • Earth, Air, and Chaos runes If using Dragon hunter crossbow • Diamond dragon bolts...
  6. swych

    Hexis Construction 3.1.0

    Hexis Construction PRO Builds all popular furniture. Supports multiple butlers. Supports Phials. Supported furniture: Crude wooden chair Oak chair Oak larder Teak table Mahogany table Mythical cape Door Teak bench Gnome bench Pre-requisites: Fetch/Un-cert the items you're using before. Call...
  7. tyb51

    Atlas Slayer [LITE] [Deleted]

    tyb51 submitted a new resource: Atlas Slayer [LITE] - Slay while you lay Read more about this resource...
  8. qosmiof2

    OSRS Banking Fighter [Everyone Check This]

    Okay since you all know i have recently released: iFighter And a slayer bot: iSlayer Its an AIO fighter that banks in multiple locations. Now i would like to ask you guys, which more monsters you would really like to see in that bot. Or bank locations. I am adding new ones everyday. Thank you
  9. s cript

    RS3 [S] Lvl 1-30 Slayer Leveling

    Yo, Taking accounts from 1-30 manually. Must have GP on the account to purchase armor / weapons at each 10lvl increment or already purchased. Must be at least 30 in one combat stat. Can specify if a particular combat style is preferred to use. Should be sub 24 hour turn around, if it gets...
  10. broken priide

    OSRS Visage Slave Bot-BBD

    Combat bot + Intelligent Banking bot for Killing Brutal Black Dragons in The Great Kourend Catacombs. Game Mode: OSRS Summary: Sources: Money making guide/Killing brutal black dragons Must have Items needed in Bank for Killing Brutal Black Dragons. Recommended items are Below. (extended...
  11. P

    [RS3] Any news on the following bots?

    Hey guys...just wondering if anyone is working on the following bots: Dungeoneering Slayer Pest Control
  12. qosmiof2

    Today it begins [Quality Slayer]

    Today I am starting on a huge project. AIO Slayer script. UPDATE 7.6.2017: Started fresh. Hope to see something in the near future. Dungeons covered right now: Alkharid mine Asgarnian ice dungeon Catacombs of kourend Brimhaven Edgeville Taverly Lumbridge Fremenik slayer dungeon Kharidian...