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  1. T

    Turtle Moss Giants Trial 0.1.1

    Kills Moss giants in Varrock Sewers for mossy keys and exp Before starting, please equip gear and have enough Varrock teleport runes and food in the bank. Please also make sure to have a slash weapon! Melee is recommended as safe spotting is not yet available. This bot will automatically stop...
  2. michael5555

    Mage Training Arena 1.7.3

    Features All four rooms supported Dynamic telegrab room maze solver with smart corner navigation Alchemy room item solver Supports both high and low alchemy. Automatically uses low alchemy if < 55 magic Task system; B2P in one click Smart staff switching (prioritises combo staves) Combo rune...
  3. dahnae

    Dan Giant Foundry 1.1.13

    This bot will complete the Giant's Foundry minigame (wiki) for great smithing EXP, profits and unique items. As a newly introduced activity, could it have a lower banrate than other smithing activities? How to use Start in the Giant's Foundry with enough materials Make sure the camera is...
  4. fly_mushroom

    OSRS Where to bot for high combat levels?

    I have been using Runemate and it's bots (both premium & free scripts) for a little over a year now. I have been using the AlphaFighter bot to train combat and have had great success on it, with frequent 8hours+ sessions, on f2p and p2p accounts. I've been training mostly on yaks, this is my...
  5. dahnae

    Dan Blast Furnace 2.1.15

    This bot is no longer supported, I am keeping it up because it seems to still work for some people. I highly recommend that you try out my Giant's Foundry bot for some sweet smithing EXP! This is the trial version, limited at 7h/week, of the premium version If you have questions/requests, you...
  6. mangomunchaa

    RS3 Account Services / Gold Buying

    Hey guys! I haven't really been very active at all on the forums here but looking to start out somewhere! :p If interested add my discord: MangoMunchaa#4836 or pm me on RuneMate :D I'll be offering: Account Boosting (Hand-trained) Quest Services Bot Running [small scale, 2-4 bots maximum] Bank...
  7. watertao876

    Mage training.

    Hey guys, i am not too familiar in training mage, so i would like to ask people that do train it, which would be the best way? I mean im looking for a solution that isnt HUGE money loss. Im thinking about alching or firewaving nmz, but i dont know what to alch. Tips please! Gamemode: OSRS...
  8. E

    AFK Range training(1def)

    Hello, So I'm making a range pure currently F2P and I would like to know a good afk bot spot. A solution to this would be Flesh Crawlers, Moss Giants I can safe spot these but a bot doesn't know how to safe spot. So I need to find lower leveled monsters which won't kill me if I run out of food...
  9. C

    OSRS Rockcrabs script BANKING/REFRESH!

    hello to anyone reading this post. After trying to use neally all the combat scripts on numerous occasions for my 1 defence pure none of them work efficiently. Im currently pleading for a rockcrab or experiment script to be added with banking and refreshing, food/pots/teleports supported...