QuickCrafter Lite 1.0.32

The quickest Crafter in Gielinor!

  1. Hyperion
    QuickCrafter Lite

    Lite bots have a time limit of 1 hour per day. For unlimited run-time consider using the PRO version.
    • Crafts all items, including Protein Hide
    • Task Queuing
    • Support for many different locations
    • Automatically uses Portable Crafter/Forge anywhere
    • Option to deploy your own Portable Crafter/Forge if none are available nearby (PRO Feature)
    • Option to use and set Bank Presets (RS3)
    • Support for Stamina and Energy/Super Energy Potions (OS) (PRO Feature)
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs (PRO Feature)
    Supported Item Types
    • Armour
    • Battlestaves
    • Gem cutting
    • Glassblowing
    • Jewellery
    • Pottery
    • Amulet Stringing
    • Spinning
    Furnace Locations
    • Edgeville (OS & RS3)
    • Al'Kharid (OS & RS3)
    • Lumbridge Combat Academy (RS3)
    • Falador (OS & RS3)
    • Neitiznot (OS & RS3)
    • Port Phasmatys (OS & RS3)
    • Prifddinas (RS3)
    • Burthorpe (RS3)
    Pottery Locations
    • Barbarian Village (OS & RS3)
    • Crafting Guild (OS)
    • Varrock East (RS3)
    • Draynor Village (RS3)
    • Burthorpe (RS3)
    • Prifddinas (RS3)
    Spinning Locations
    • Barbarian Village (OS & RS3)
    • Lumbridge Castle (OS & RS3)
    • Seers' Village (OS & RS3)
    • Crafting Guild (OS)

Recent Reviews

  1. JammyV
    Version: 1.0.31
    Love the range of options in the bot, however there seems to be a problem with the smithing interface once a gold bar is used on one. The bot may not recognize the crafting interface thats currently in place now?
  2. Crayola
    Version: 1.0.31
    This bot works great for me, used it for levels 1-40.
  3. iRS
    Version: 1.0.31
    Does not work, clicks the furnace and then just sits there. also, i started the bot, when i wanted to go bank first... it banks ... but a banking trip in edgeville took like a whole minute...
  4. Nyan Cattt
    Nyan Cattt
    Version: 1.0.31
    bot gets stuck alot. Tried crafting gloves and it didnt worked. Then crafted gold amulets and it got stuck at the smelting screen. I believe at one point it prob worked but the author just needs to update it
  5. lovvu
    Version: 1.0.31
    Actually works wonderfully. Gtfo with these bs bad reviews just go through menus like a human being and pick what you what to train. If not pick a different bank location and try again. Thanks for your hard work developer!!!!!!! <3
  6. Travelust
    Version: 1.0.31
    Doesn't work at Edgeville for making diamond/ruby bracelets. Just stands at the furnace.
  7. ManyEyedFod
    Version: 1.0.31
    Incapable of crafting any jewelry. (I didn't try anything else) It will go to the furnace and just sit there. never actually crafts
  8. Showtimer
    Version: 1.0.31
    Worked good when I used it but it's been over 2 weeks and it still says I've used up my 7 hours for the week.
  9. Mirko
    Version: 1.0.31
    Jewellery doesn't work anymore after the new interface update.
  10. DuDi
    Version: 1.0.31
    doesnt work