QuickHerblore PRO 1.0.36

Quick and effortless way to level your Herblore!

  1. Hyperion
    QuickHerblore Pro

    • Makes all Herblore items.
    • Task Queuing
    • Works at any Bank
    • Automatically uses Portable Wells anywhere (RS3)
    • Option to deploy your own Portable Wells if none are nearby (RS3)
    • Supports Amulet of Chemistry (OS)
    • Option to use and set Bank Presets (RS3)
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs
    Supported Item Types
    • Herb cleaning
    • Unfinished Potions
    • Finished Potions
    • Barbarian Potions
    • Combination Potions (RS3)
    • Juju Potions (RS3)
    • Miscellaneous items (crushing nests, making tar, etc...)

Recent Reviews

  1. Jonnymac
    Version: 1.0.35
    Only issue I'm having is the initial start up. Im running on a Mac and every time I start the script it gives me the message saying all tasks have been complete and the bot has stopped even though it didn't do anything. Could be something Im doing but overall a great bot!
  2. boots123
    Version: 1.0.35
    I like the bot, break features are just as good as any other quick bots, can pretty much do ANYTHING herblore.
    my only grief with this is the click speed, (timing between clicks and the rigid way it opens/uses interfaces)
    only error ive come across is 'update settings' will crash the bot if you dont actually change anything while its running, but that may just be me.
  3. ixjarvisx
    Version: 1.0.35
    good bot got lvl 99 in 4 days
  4. kinngas
    Version: 1.0.35
    bot doesnt work for me, tried to get help in discusion but no reply from owner for 20 days already
  5. Nate990
    Version: 1.0.35
    Hello, I will be sure to edit this review when it gets solved because its probably me. Bot is quick on everything but gets stuck in the mix potion screen, specifically mixing extreme attacks in CA. It opens the bank, withdraws, mixes via the portable, and then just closes and attempts to mix again, forever. Any way to fix this? I tried legacy mode and a few other things. Thanks.
  6. Madara
    Version: 1.0.35
    Doesnt support Magic potions? Would like a refund as it says all potions.
  7. Outcasted
    Version: 1.0.35
    I currently have 2 large problems with this bot.
    1: Sometimes (pretty darn often) it stops producing potions since it just hover over either bank or portable well. If it would be fixed that would be amazing! (Happens in lumbridge when making summon-pot, perhaps if well and bank is too close idunno.)

    2: A REAL large problem is that OFTEN (sometimes under 10min) the bot stops complaining that I'm out of materials, which isnt the case. all I have to do is restart the bot and hope that it doesnt start problem 1 again.
    This sucks hard when you loose money for a few minutes of it hovering around on box or well before it stops..
  8. M92
    Version: 1.0.35
    mouse movements could be better at lumbridge combat academy on 84. maybe if you could face camera west instead of east in that area it would work a lot better, mouse wouldnt get as suck looking for bank if a portable is directly under you. i'll give 5 /5 if we can get that fixed. other then that one problem, it has been amazing and would really recommend this to others, as i already have. thanks for the work you put into this project.
  9. Morter
    Version: 1.0.35
    So since my review was deleted, this bot sucks. I lost 5m worth of Amylase crystals after i walked away for 5 minutes and came back, it literally dropped them, then logged out. Be aware.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      It was deleted because it has nothing to do with bot: IT HAS NO DROPPING CODE. You were either hacked or someone else accessed your computer when you were away. I have no interest in your 5mil (lol) because I make much more from legit bot sales and I have no interest to risk it. Since you seem so butthurt and looking for someone to blame, I'm not going to ask the admins to delete this post, but use it as a reminder for other users so they do not fuck up like you did: do not download gold generators from shady websites (they're not real) and do not leave your computers unlocked and unsupervised.
  10. Gus344
    Version: 1.0.35
    ok my last review was not accurate now that i semi know how to use this program its alright better than the devine one forsure........ but i still would like a refund for the first 3-4 attempts please? i changed the review. from 1 star to 5. because it is actually pretty darn good... thanks!