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QuickCrafter PRO 1.0.36

The quickest Crafter in Gielinor!

  1. Hyperion
    QuickCrafter Pro
    • Crafts all items, including Protein Hide
    • Task Queuing
    • Support for many different locations
    • Automatically uses Portable Crafter/Forge anywhere
    • Option to deploy your own Portable Crafter/Forge if none are available nearby
    • Option to use and set Bank Presets (RS3)
    • Support for Stamina and Energy/Super Energy Potions (OS)
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs
    Supported Item Types
    • Armour
    • Battlestaves
    • Gem cutting
    • Glassblowing
    • Jewellery
    • Pottery
    • Amulet Stringing
    • Spinning
    Furnace Locations
    • Edgeville (OS & RS3)
    • Al'Kharid (OS & RS3)
    • Lumbridge Combat Academy (RS3)
    • Falador (OS & RS3)
    • Neitiznot (OS & RS3)
    • Port Phasmatys (OS & RS3)
    • Prifddinas (RS3)
    • Burthorpe (RS3)
    Pottery Locations
    • Barbarian Village (OS & RS3)
    • Crafting Guild (OS)
    • Varrock East (RS3)
    • Draynor Village (RS3)
    • Burthorpe (RS3)
    • Prifddinas (RS3)
    Spinning Locations
    • Barbarian Village (OS & RS3)
    • Lumbridge Castle (OS & RS3)
    • Seers' Village (OS & RS3)
    • Crafting Guild (OS)

Recent Reviews

  1. LegacyMatters
    Version: 1.0.36
    Probally outdated, cant even select options during setup bot
  2. ABiGbLuNtRoAcH
    Version: 1.0.36
    does pottery fine but once it comes to firing the item it clicks the furnace every time and restarts the tick idk if that's actually faster but it doesn't seem so if that got fixed id give 5 stars.
  3. JustinFoisy762
    Version: 1.0.36
    Does the job, however its very bot like. ex.) when the camera can be in one spot it chooses to move the camera multiple times. Also clicks right outside the Edgeville bank and then proceeds to move the camera. Wouldn't use for more than a few hours at a time.
  4. MaxedButNOTBanned
    Version: 1.0.36
    Used it in edgville, worked like a charm! but would recommend some more anti-bot detection features
  5. Nikolashnikov
    Version: 1.0.36
    Dropped all my diamonds!!!! its a scam!!!!!! DO NOT USE!
  6. FlabbyMan
    Version: 1.0.36
    Doesn't spin flax in Lumbridge. Still not been fixed as said in other review
  7. gedvis18
    Version: 1.0.36
    Fix your flax spinning part. It takes out the flax and just does nothing
  8. Sloppy Toppy
    Sloppy Toppy
    Version: 1.0.36
    I have tried this using this bot multiple times in the past and again today to string flax into bowstrings and it does not work at all. It grabs the flax and just sits there doing nothing. What a waste.
  9. runewild
    Version: 1.0.36
    Worked great until a couple days ago. Opens bank and scrolls to the bottom then hovers over the items and doesn't move. 5 stars if the problem ever gets fixed
  10. Victory Lap
    Victory Lap
    Version: 1.0.36
    worked perfect untill like 24th of august but when you start it now it only goes into the bank and scrolls all the way down and just stands there, otherwise it's perfect