QuickCrafter PRO 1.0.31

The quickest Crafter in Gielinor!

  1. Hyperion
    QuickCrafter Pro
    • Crafts all items, including Protein Hide
    • Task Queuing
    • Support for many different locations
    • Automatically uses Portable Crafter/Forge anywhere
    • Option to deploy your own Portable Crafter/Forge if none are available nearby
    • Option to use and set Bank Presets (RS3)
    • Support for Stamina and Energy/Super Energy Potions (OS)
    • Advanced break handler, which generates different breaks for each user and persists them across runs
    Supported Item Types
    • Armour
    • Battlestaves
    • Gem cutting
    • Glassblowing
    • Jewellery
    • Pottery
    • Amulet Stringing
    • Spinning
    Furnace Locations
    • Edgeville (OS & RS3)
    • Al'Kharid (OS & RS3)
    • Lumbridge Combat Academy (RS3)
    • Falador (OS & RS3)
    • Neitiznot (OS & RS3)
    • Port Phasmatys (OS & RS3)
    • Prifddinas (RS3)
    • Burthorpe (RS3)
    Pottery Locations
    • Barbarian Village (OS & RS3)
    • Crafting Guild (OS)
    • Varrock East (RS3)
    • Draynor Village (RS3)
    • Burthorpe (RS3)
    • Prifddinas (RS3)
    Spinning Locations
    • Barbarian Village (OS & RS3)
    • Lumbridge Castle (OS & RS3)
    • Seers' Village (OS & RS3)
    • Crafting Guild (OS)

Recent Reviews

  1. anhony
    Version: 1.0.31
    Got charged for a hour doing gold bars, it took the bars from bank and went to furnace and just stood there, tried restarting bot 3 times and it still didn't work.
  2. dylthyh
    Version: 1.0.31
    absoultly garbage, wont even glassblow
  3. KneeJerk
    Version: 1.0.31
    When it works, it works really well. It can get annoying when it stops running after a few minutes/crafts. Unlike other bots that complete a task, the timer continues to run regardless of whether the task was completed, which I think is where the payment issue originates. That being said, I honestly don't mind the occasional irregular/slight overpays when the bot is functioning smoothly. I'd pay more per hour for a more fluid botting experience.
  4. TrueM0nster
    Version: 1.0.31
    Ran flawlessly with molton glass i went from 87-99 crafting easily running it 12+ hours a day off and on with breaks in between sessions
  5. Stephen Ortiz
    Stephen Ortiz
    Version: 1.0.30
    Works well, but I get overcharged on a regular basis. Yesterday it worked for 1 hour and charged 8 hours.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
  6. JesusSkeptic
    Version: 1.0.28
    When trying to make golden bracelets in Falador it just withdraws the bars and mould then proceeds to do nothing ..
  7. Mallesen
    Version: 1.0.27
    Bot cant open the door in seers village, when spinning. Also if its spinning in lumby, it just stands still after withdrawing from the bank.
  8. feelicesss
    Version: 1.0.27
    bot stopped and had an error twice before it did anything, I was at the spinning wheel, added to que with flax in my invy. Refund please.
    1. Hyperion
      Author's Response
      Sure, send me the log when the bug happened along with the screenshot of the payments via DM.
  9. Hiroto
    Version: 1.0.26
    Very easy to use when set up correctly by the user. Had one kink with the banking option, overall very satisfied with the bot and will be using it again.
  10. DanTheMan23
    Version: 1.0.26
    The bot is looking good for me now 5/5