Latest Reviews

  1. dropshipmab
    Version: 1.5.6
    paid 0,08$ for 2 min use because the bot got stuck in the bank : doesn't deposit the ore in the mining guild bank (p2p)
  2. ScarfaceTom
    Version: 0.5.5
    Does the job. Keep up the good work!
  3. dropshipmab
    Version: 2.0.15
    Run it for about 17 min and then Connection timed out : connect. Never had this problem before with other bots
  4. Kermiit
    Version: 1.7.6
    I've had this bot for two days, used it first yesterday for roughly 3-4 hours and it seemed to work ok. I used it again today for not even two hours and have now received a 3 day ban, so be careful.
  5. laurenssie
    Version: 1.7.6
    Permabanned after a few hours at Seers :(
  6. jonathan mik
    jonathan mik
    Version: 0.0.1
    does exactly what u want it to while ur gone haha works perfect
  7. SusejH
    Version: 1.0.14
    Excellent bot even though it is in its beta version. Hopefully it will continue to be available to everyone for free.
  8. Filip256
    Version: 1.4.10
    Great bot
  9. pepperonimotor
    Version: 0.0.3
    does as it advertises. I can see that the clicks are fairly uniform. Would love to see a banking feature
  10. Kiruzon
    Version: 1.4.10
    Been using it for a few days now and I got from 70-85 mining. Helped me get the money for an upgraded dragon pickaxe and Dharoks gear. Running it for up to 8 hours a day using breaks and the random AFKing it does. Haven't been banned yet and the bot looks like a player.
  11. ruba10
    Version: 1.0.0
    When starting the bot it keeps stuck on making the 3T, not actually doing anything.
  12. mischa
    Version: 0.0.1
    i like it so far been using it for 2 days now and the power mining works realy well been at it for 6 hours straight hopefully im not cathcing a ban. now its just waiting also can you perhaps make the powermining work in the places with the C for for iron ore ? like in alhkarid desert and other places woult be amazing
  13. warlordslay3r
    Version: 1.0.7
    i used it for few hours hot me from 79 to 82 no problem smoothly
  14. anthony45321
    dies alot also get sunned alot on mele phases ugggg would also like a house option instead of using ring of dueling died twice in row this go around before it was 4 to 11kill it works kinda could be little better
    1. Defeat3d
      Author's Response
      you're lagging
  15. 1907gfbeurope
    Version: 1.0
    bot doesn't load coal(coke) and doesn't work in any worlds, once bot is running it just stands and doesn't respond to anything, wanting to charge money for a bot like this? come on don't make me laugh...
  16. nbab3eyhq
    Version: 1.0.12
    How the bot auto drops logs is incredibly un-realistic and is the factor that will come to a catch and a ban. Too random too fast is also a sign of botting.
  17. Dsilka7147
    Version: 1.5.8
    seems to work efficiently when standing still at sand crabs but xp is slow doing it that way, active always results in problems when resetting at the sand crabs. It will click randomly none stop around the prayer area and attack monks until you pause it and run back. Other than that it has impressive features and intelligent anti ban, shame though as this was once the best bot on the market. If the resetting if fixed I'm happy to use it again! Bot sometimes crashes until runemate is reset.
  18. markschneider94
    Version: 1.0.16
    well I tried to run this bot about 7 different times it worked 1/7 second time someone else using a script and I ended up in the same world even tho I have hop enabled if more than one. 3 other times I died after a few invs. and final time today it sat idle for 8 hrs not killing the other bandit even tho i had it selected. wish u could get a refund for wasting 15$ giving a script a chance. if u delete the review ill just keep posting. fix the script and ill give u a proper 5 stars I rate fair.
    1. Noah
      Author's Response
      Train your account more so you don't die.. simple. As for the killing, the client API is currently broken for turning the NPC left-click off/on.
  19. tsandre
    Version: 1.5.5
    a good bot, but got banned after 40 minutes in desert(granite) due to a bug i believe.
    When i used the select rock function, and it had mined the ore, and the rock had been depleted, it clicked on it again before continuing on the next rock, did this almost every third or so rock. believe thats the reason i got banned, so care if using that function before it gets fixed.
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
      You are completely right about the double clicking bug. I looked into it and it'll be fixed in the next update.

      In my defense, my code should have worked correctly, it was just that a part of the runemate client code didn't do what it was supposed to, causing this weird bug... Sorry about that anyway. Will be fixed.
  20. Jamie Green1
    Jamie Green1
    Version: 1.7.6
    This bot is borderline 5 stars, the only thing that lets it down is previously someone mentioned about it getting stuck in pollnevich if the door is open and this still hasn't been fixed. this crashes because of this a few times (Cant leave bot for a period of time because it will log you out when stuck)

    On that note I have used this bot for 10ish hours running the course in pollnevich gaining a lot of exp and marks of grace. There doesn't seem to be the same lag while this bot is running as others. I highly recommend this bot and if the script writer fixes the issue il be happy to re review and give a glowing 5 stars. Good value for money (if you don't have to keep paying to restart the bot after it fails)