Latest Reviews

  1. NyQuiL
    Version: 1.0.5
    Really solid bot, although i wish there was an option to pick up clue scrolls, all around though very good bot
  2. killersloth
    Version: 1.2.2
    RC is a terribly cancerous skill.
    This bot works wonderfully, thank you Snufalufagus ;)
  3. Infinite Monkeys
    Infinite Monkeys
    Version: 1.2.2
    Works well, never dies with decent combat stats, reasonably fast.
  4. NyQuiL
    Version: 0.7.99
    Been running for a few hours now FLAWLESS so far. Kudos man great script.
    1. awesome123man
      Author's Response
      Thanks, glad you like it :)
      If you find any bugs please post them to the discuss this resource thread.
  5. Zestorax
    Version: 1.2.0
    Honestly great for herblore. My only issue is that when making unfinished potions, it seems to try and withdraw way too fast and makes lots of mistakes in doing so. I figure this would lead to a ban as it's fairly consistent. I give this a 4/5 just for that one problem, otherwise it's a perfect script. Well done :)
  6. SuqMaDikh
    Version: 1.2.2
    Best PC bot out I thought I was gonna kill myself legit playing 200 games of PC.

    Few things I noticed:

    Only works on 50 point rush mode, wasn't even getting 50 points of damage out on portal rusher.

    Wondering if it is possible to add more anti ban features such as moving camera occasionally, stuff that mimicks a bored person.

    If possible, adding a feature to walk around or at least target brawlers when stuck against one so the bot doesn't waste time spam clicking the portal.

    Also I noticed it only uses prayer when attacking a portal, perhaps an option to always have prayer activated when in combat.

    Finally, I think an option where instead of only using break timers we can just set a time for the bot to stop, I essentially did this with using long break periods but the specific feature would be more convenient.

    Thank you for the void. <3
  7. dogetrix
    Version: 2.0.7
    My previous review was my bad on the drag and drop. Anti ban is subtle but really good (differing click rate, moving mouse away every once in a while, etc). I get 1180 alchs/hr, which is pretty much maximum efficiency.
  8. Sebfrack
    Version: 5.3.1
    Great script! Just a small request, when I powerfish in Barbarian outpost (Barbarian fishing) the bot sometimes get stuck when trying to click the fishing spot. It left clicks and is stuck because other players are near. Thank you!
    1. Savior
      Author's Response
      Yes I am aware of that bug but it's more a client issue. I could make some hacky failsafe for it but I will try to push the executives to fix it.
  9. fisher000
    Version: 1.3.3
    Bot keeps running between clicking on door and entering and exiting the areas
  10. robbie3799
  11. WhilsaDAYUM
    Version: 0.1.1
    Does not work, mines to full sack then another inventory... it tries to deposit but the sack is already full.. script seems nice but needs a fix
  12. demos103
    Version: 0.7.0
    see if you can get coal in the dwarven resource dugeon with the deposit box
  13. Ocktal
    Version: 1.1.5
    Only thing that could make this better is if there was an option for 10 hp pures that chopped the logs (or got them out of the bank everytime whichever easier) and repaired the broken barriers if that was an option i would pay for the pro version
  14. VbHD
    Version: 2.0.11
    Seems to be flawless. Love it.
  15. Bignick661
    Version: 1.0.8
    The bot will stop if it gets a full inventory on a specific tile for me. Not all the time though. Decent script
  16. veng kills
    veng kills
    Version: 1.02
    its okay the fire rune doesn't work, but can you add a cosmic and chaos rune one??
  17. smoothas
    Version: 1.1.0
    when walking to furnace clicks 10 thousand times in wrong spots
  18. Whitevans1
    Version: 2.0.7
    I am using the bot with High alchemy on the hotkey bar. It's working flawlessly thus far. Great job on the script. Only recommendation would be add some sort of anti-ban feature. One of my favorites is the short break feature that is implemented in SickHeater for smelting. Other than that keep up the great work and thanks for making this.
  19. DAJMEn
    Version: 0.1.1
    Saw now there are 2 callen aweosme motherloader this is the best one by far!
  20. jasinoww
    Version: 1.0.1
    It works with the fishing part without any issues. but the banking part isnt working neither the deposit box :)