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Latest Reviews

  1. A_moneyy7
    Version: 1.0.14
    Works perfect great bot. Only thing that could make it better would be adding ring of endurance option, so bot doesn't drink stamina potions at 80 and continue wasting them. Every 2 minutes. Otherwise 10/10
    1. dahnae
      Author's Response
      I'll add that to my to-do list, but I am very busy IRL, so it could take a few months. Thank you for your review.
  2. 3 stoops
    3 stoops
    Version: 2.5.20
    Bot was working perfectly at sara for a day or 2... now its perma stuck at "restock| teleporting home" and after it teleports home it just continues trying to cast it cause the bot to break... any suggestions? Stopped and restarted the bot multiple times still not working
  3. Levixlush
    Version: 3.0.9
    Man..I'm willing to change this to a 5....but your break config is literally -5 out of 5. set the timers to minutes, not hours. Wouldn't be so bad if you could change it yourself, but it will only generate. the minimum for max length break time is an hour break.....aka free hour of pay for you and wasted hour for me. You've got to run this bot for 16 hours to get 8 hours of play.

    --bot works fine from what I've used...but these breaks.....
  4. schmeg
    Version: 1.03.06
    was expecting a disaster, but surprisingly it worked decently enough. had to fiddle with the settings a little, they are not clear, but it ran stably for a few hours.
  5. kraftingking
    Version: 1.1.2
    still needs a lot of work to be done, keeps trying to hop to the same world it already is in and unfortunately dies a lot at hunleff
  6. Chinhunter1000
    Version: 1.0.1
    World hopping after Escaping doesn't seem to be working, Should add a Glory teleport option so it stops running down to level 20 wilderness to teleport with ring of dueling, Should add some sort of food support, If not using revenant cave teleport, it runs through green dragons north of ferox, Aswell as not using a glory teleport, it runs south to bank through the green dragons, Most accounts will be one hit by the dragon, i had 30 hp doing this and still was one hit twice in the hour of testing.
    1. SmurfBots
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. I have just pushed a new update which should solve most of your issues. Im just waiting on approval now.
      * Added Max cape teleport as an option
      * Added the option to avoid green dragons
      * Added the option to use glory teleport to bank quicker

      As for world hopping on escape, it should be working fine. Are you sure its not hopping without you realising? It sets your preferred world on the login screen
  7. Burty72357
    Version: 0.1.10
    Only used for 30seconds. This clicks way to often even at low level there should be something to be added for anything under lvl 10 it clicks the rock 3 times before it start doing something it looks sketch the way it plays. You should add something to the start so we can update options, the click ms options if we want to add alterna random waiting a way to take breaks maybe, and make it so it click way less im not trying to 1tick power mine you could make the script slower for tin/copper and let it power mine iron other than that it seems ok but if it keep 3 clicking each rock im not gonna use it, take care
  8. vakidisx
    Version: 1.5.1
    5/5 easy. 75 range/60 pray/71 def 62 minutes off task.
    I'd totally use this for Jad tasks it's so great
  9. xanth2257
    Version: 1.1.51
    does what it does but something is wrong with the flicking and pathing ?? lost about 50m worth of chin
    1. michael5555
      Author's Response
      Sounds like update day issues. Needed to restart both clients, sorry for your loss
  10. agilityosrs
    Version: 1.0.14
    bot works well no problems for me so far. but i cant use this to 99 because its too expensive and also the xp rates are about 95-102k hunter / 75-80k fish xp per hour.

    from my current fish/hunter level 80 to 99 would cost over $120+ to get both 99 which is not worth it at all because its hardly any profit with drift nets being so expensive. but solid bot to use if you need quick early levels.
    1. dahnae
      Author's Response
      Your math is off. Getting to 99 is nowhere near to 120$. It's more like 15-20$
  11. x_sly.
    Version: 2.7.1
    Hands down the best script you will ever download! 99 Slayer achieved without any issues! Highly suggest you guys to go through all settings to ensure the script runs to perfection. It's very easy to miss things but the bot will tell you what's missing. This script will doing everything for you once configured correctly. Thank you Hexis, this 99 journey has been fun!!! <3
  12. MattR
    Version: 4.0.10
    Perfect bot for Calvarion, uses no mats to kill.
    For Spindel, I got 20-30 kills no issues but suddenly no prayer/restores were being used so I died without overheads. Still amazing.
    I personally do not have the gear for Artio but the bot still managed to get me a kill after sweating.

    Pkers have tried to catch me but the bot logs off immediately and hops worlds. The bot literally does everything for you, great use of my money.
  13. adam neal
    adam neal
    Version: 1.3.17
    used for pickpocketing vyres between 82-99.Got my cape with this guy :) Amongst the best bot creators right here! thanks cuppa <3
    1. CuppaJava
  14. Damnation
    Version: 1.1.0
    Doesn't work. Spams tpying "14" in withdraw x option. Don't use til fixed.
  15. Bankerman
    Version: 1.8.7
    Really great bot. I am having trouble when using it for colosseum still though and I never used to have this issue before. There is a weird interaction when flicking between mage and range pray quickly that will just turn your overheads off and then after a few ticks, it will go back to praying mage overheard. But those few ticks you wait you have no pray on overhead.

    If you could look into why when switching quickly between overhead prayers to pray against a mage and a ranger it does this, that would be amazing!

    Thanks so much!
  16. Diegos
    Version: 1.7.6
    Grew tired of grinding out CG on my ironman --- literally perfect. Got my Enhanced and 300 completions within a week. Only problem is it crashed a couple of times and had to be stopped, wasting some credits along the way but honestly worth it.
    1. CuppaJava
      Author's Response
  17. Mind Blow
    Mind Blow
    Version: 1.7.6
    why this isnt 5 star ? i have nothing to add really well made :)
    1. CuppaJava
  18. peter einsiedel
    peter einsiedel
    Version: 2.1.15
    has worked for me previously, just tried using falconry and wouldnt go pick the falcon back up, also would mis click a bunch of the inventory and miss dropping
  19. Diegos
    Version: 2.5.20
    Kept breaking on me, only got 1KC. Had to restart it. Can I get some credit back?
  20. grtishere
    Version: 1.0.1
    Does what it says it does