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  1. theokaygatsby

    Gatsby Skilling Activities 0.0.9

    Bots that require a bank are denoted with an underline and will require you to start near a bank or otherwise specified location. Agility - Seers: Bot will run laps around Seers rooftop. Seer's teleport supported, bring teleport runes if you have the hard diary done. Crafting - Drift Nets: Bot...
  2. slashnhax

    Agility Mate 1.0.3

    Simple straightforward agility bot
  3. F

    Hexis Agility Progress

    I've been running the Hexis Agility bot for almost 10 hrs and so far so good. The account is 8 days old and been botting on it for the past 7 days :)
  4. T

    Bug Script stops running

    If I afk and my computer turns off it screen, it appears the scripts I run stop. It's happened to more than one script consistently now. Not sure if it's the scripts or something with my computer. It'll keep running as long as I tab over to the OSRS client but im weary of not checking it every...
  5. alex096

    OSRS Agility Pyramid bot?

    Are there any good agility pyramid bots out there ? i can see theres one from hexis out now atm, but its really buggy and its free. id pay good for a full functioning pyramid bot :)
  6. M

    RS3 Anachronia Island Agility Course

    Hey guys! I wanted to request an agility bot that gives good agility gains as well as codex pages. Game Mode: RS3 Link to wiki: Anachronia Agility Course Summary: Start out in Anachronia base camp, walk (either directions) to the agility course start point. Required stats: 85+ Agility to be...
  7. M

    RS3 Anachronia Agility Course Bot

    Hi folks Game Mode: RS3 Link to wiki: Anachronia Agility Course Summary: Start out in Anachronia base camp, walk (either directions) to the agility course start point. Required stats: 85+ Agility to be able to do the full course. Required quests: Anachronia Mini-quest completed. Can be done by...
  8. swych

    Hexis Agility AIO 3.1.0

    Hexis Agility AIO Flawlessly completes every Rooftop on OldSchool with a multitude of features. Progressive Mode Automatically walk to the next highest course you can do when you level up. Allows for seamless 1-99 training, if you have the appropriate teleport items and meet the requirements...
  9. bosstralian

    OSRS Selling LV. 70+ Rogues (Thieving) accounts - 30+ Days P2P

    Currently selling 50/50/Rogue Accounts. 70+ Thieving 50 Agility 24+ HP Rogues outfit 30+ Days Membership! No email-attached! Graceful items and tokens These accounts have NO BAN history. These accounts have no email address attached. I am the ORIGINAL OWNER of these accounts. I can provide...
  10. makutu

    OSRS License for a Private Agility Bot

    Mak Agility AIO I have created an Agility bot capable of traversing every Rooftop course in OldSchool Runescape with high efficiency. This bot is capable of reaching up to 90% of the highest possible experience per hour on each course with ease. Mak Agility AIO is an exclusive bot, boasting...
  11. D

    OSRS NEED agility bot

    NEED a good bot free/prem doesn't matter needs to be done
  12. therealginger

    OSRS Do any of the agility bots pick up marks?

    im new to osrs and agility on here wonderin g if any of the bots for agility pick up the marks of grace? and if so which ones do im about to try a paid one to see right now. lemme know if you know please and thank you :)
  13. kwantium

    OSRS Perfect agil bot (Paid version around 0,5hr)

    Can someone make me a agil bot with no babysitting al the bot's out there on OSRS sucks.. Like no baby sitting Break timer needed! add all courses!. Add randomizer's No missclicks No camera rotations for 10 hours straight doing 360's Willing to pay for it at 0,4- 0,8c hour if it's perfect! <3...
  14. P

    OSRS Agility pyramid?

    any chance we could get an agility pyramid bot, would pay for it :) or even if one of the existing agility script writers see this and want to add it in? would be awesome
  15. C

    RS3 Barbarian Barcrawl Miniquest Bot

    It's a minor challenge for anyone who's up for trying, but the current state of the barcrawl miniquest can be determined with either a varp or varbit and combined with our greatly improved web walking as of recent, it should be within reason to write the mini-quest bot rather quickly. I'd...
  16. s cript

    RS3 Abandoned Throne Room

    Req for Throne room bot/s Mining Div Agi Mining is extremely repetitive and doesn't have any change. Mine on the left, deposit on the right. Simple. Can't speak to the others yet, unfortunately!
  17. K

    OSRS Rogues Den Wall Safes

    A pretty simple one to make I would assume. Just lets you choose which type of food you would like to withdraw, how many you want to withdraw, and then banks when full inventory or low food. Also giving the choice of using a stethoscope if 50 agility. Including the standard antibot securities as...
  18. many cats

    Best Course To Bot Agility On?

    I've got 79 agility at the moment, will have 80 shortly. On Runescape 3 I was wondering which course/location/whatever is the most reliable xp/safety wise to bot for a while. I know that Wilderness course with skull is some of the best xp, if not the best, but botting that is really risky...
  19. P

    [RS3] Any news on the following bots?

    Hey guys...just wondering if anyone is working on the following bots: Dungeoneering Slayer Pest Control
  20. B

    RS3 Hefin Agility Course

    I know the Alpha Agility does the Priff Agility Course but unfortunately it doesn't bank the loot you get from the light creature. Could anyone make a script for this course that banks the loot and if possible maybe uses shortcuts? Would be huge, 77-99 agility would be afkable then instead of...