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  1. aidden

    MaxiBankSorter 1.0.5

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! DO NOT RUN THIS ON A F2P WORLD IF YOU HAVE P2P ITEMS, IT WILL BREAK. FIX COMING SOON Still on the lookout for another tab, whether it be loot/slayer or something else. If you have a nice layout already, copy your layout and DM it to...
  2. aidden

    MaxiTanner 1.4.43

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Features Tans all hides in Al Kharid Supports Stamina potion, Super energy potion and Energy potion as well as an option to not use them - Ironmen you're welcome ;) MaxiBots features Activity system Configure as many activities...
  3. S

    OSRS Mining guild simple bot

    Looking for a bot that can walk from Falador East bank, into mining guild, trade Hendor, purchase ore, then back to bank.
  4. K

    Question New RS3 Bank rework

    So since the bank rework certain bots like mining or leather tanning bots cant load presets because the bank layout has changed. Any workarounds? :)
  5. M

    AHK to simulate WMK or touch screen (for RS3)

    I had an idea of using the AutoHotKey software (AHK) to simulate a human using Windows Mouse Keys or physically touching their screen to click for RS3. Windows Mouse Keys is a legal way to keep clicking in the same spots over and over again by holding CTRL and then pressing the key to make the...
  6. madras

    RS3 Bank Sorting Bot

    Hey Runemate'rs, today i was looking inside my bank and i realized how messy it is! I have always troubles with keeping my bank clean.. So my suggestion: A BANK SORTING BOT!!!! This Bot should sort the bank by usage, skills, portions..... etc. Also should have an option for different sorting...
  7. T

    Bug Bank Withdraw Issue

    Nearly every time a bot on this client banks (I am specifically withdrawing magic longbow (u) and bowstrings) on OSRS, before clicking "14" or "All" it keeps scrolling up and down between the different options for the quantity of the withdraw. It eventually clicks the correct button, but...
  8. silencep44

    Bug Menu.isOpen() returns false if Menu is open with only one option.

    Using `Bank.withdraw()` on OSRS can cause a missclick: a rightclick menu opens with only 1 option ("Cancel") . The following message is logged: 00:12:30 WARN [Bank] Action not found in [Cancel] But `Menu.isOpen()` returns false while the log shows a menu is open.
  9. I

    Solved Problem with closing bank

    I just started using runemate and I have a recurrent problem with all the bots I've tried, all of them get stucked when closing the bank tap. At this point I realised it must be a problem caused by me and maybe my HUD set up but i dont know which problem exactly. I would be very grateful if...
  10. the god hand

    OSRS 3 Tick Hunter Bot

    I'd love to see a Hunter bot that uses tick manipulation for hunting chinchompas. Incredibly better xp rates, as well as gp rates. Would it be possible? Too click intensive for a script?
  11. dekaid

    OSRS Request: Simple Bone Collector F2P

    I imagine it would be a simple script to make, however I haven't tried scripting myself. Are there any scripters who could make a bot script that could collect regular bones from cows/chickens etc in F2P? Considering the amount of bots that are actively killing them for XP and moving on to the...
  12. D

    RS3 Won't close bank.

    It won't close bank.. i tried looking through the settings for something like "Enable esc to close interface" etc i cant find anything am i blind or just dumb? .. no matter which fishing script i use it gets stuck on "Closing bank".. < This is just a example.
  13. C

    OSRS help! new user, could use advice, thanks!

    im aware this is probably not the right place to post but im new here and unaware of a better place. been attempting to bot fishing via maxifisher but unable to bank/powerfish on almost any bot at any location. bot will fish a full inv. run to bank, then sit idle after opening bank.. assuming...
  14. B

    RS3 Hefin Agility Course

    I know the Alpha Agility does the Priff Agility Course but unfortunately it doesn't bank the loot you get from the light creature. Could anyone make a script for this course that banks the loot and if possible maybe uses shortcuts? Would be huge, 77-99 agility would be afkable then instead of...
  15. F

    RS3 Auto Fighter with Banking?

    is there any bot or would any one know how to make one?
  16. moneyblades

    RS3 QBD Guide

    Hello Mates! Today I've decided to make a guide a little different than the ones I've made in the past. Before I focused more on slayer monsters or other ways for people to make money, however today I'll be showing you how to kill the QBD! This is a very profitable boss to kill, and is...
  17. debaucher

    Resolved Bot crashes when selecting banking location

    This happens with every bot I run. Whenever I run bots without selecting a banking location (i.g. Power chopping, power mining) they work flawlessly without any crashing. However with choosing the option to bank the bot itself crashes. The game will continue to run behind the gui but the instant...
  18. buenodias

    RS3 Burthorpe wolfs with banking? [Money making]

    Can anyone write a script, for doing wolfs and loot the wolf bones? Pls with a bank option :) And yes, im new here and i hope the post its ok. Thanks in advance :)
  19. dog_

    Resolved Bank#isOpen always returning false on DarkScape