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  1. S

    Question Coding for Darkscape: Best ways to deal with death

    Hey everyone, I'm starting to write a darkscape bot, and was thinking about how to deal with player killing. I figured I would voice my thoughts here to get opinions and possibly a good discussion going about good practices for dealing with bot-killers in Darkscape. Death Walking This is the...
  2. valkyr

    DarkBots Development Thread

    Introduction DarkBots are the beginning of a new breed. Hand-crafted by a dedicated developer with years of experience over a multitude of clients, utilising a framework that has undergone over a year of development, DarkBots aim to bring the most stylish and robust botting experience...
  3. T

    Ironman Is anyone still botting darkscape?

    Just coming back for a visit to see if darkscape bots are still functional and worth the time to run again? is anyone still botting darkscape? are you getting lots of bans? please don't just tell me to test myself, as I will but if someone can spare me the time that would be better :)
  4. G

    If you're not banned and have paranoia..

    I tend to have paranoia quite often, I've got my own reasons, but I do like to call it 'reasonable paranoia', stuff that should perhaps be worried about. From off and on experience over the years, doing average minimum 10 hours a day, apart from client downtime and real life stuff getting in...
  5. I

    Ironman New Programmer needing Java mentor

    I am a new programmer that would love to begin coding scripts for Runemate; however, I need a little push in the right direction to begin. I have eclipse and have downloaded Runemate.jar. I just need to understand how to add runemate.jar to my java library in order to let me use all of the...
  6. J

    Selling DarkScape MILLIONS! (Vouches, Best rates)

    Selling ds gold... 5$/m alot cheaper then the competitors I see :) Add me on Skype and lets make a deal!! 3.5m in stock rn!! Only accepting PayPal at the moment. Skype: jackatire http://www.sythe.org/darkscape-gold/1895268-selling-2m-paypal-cash.html
  7. justamirage

    Ironman Curious about a bot

    Recently I've been seeing a lot of bots in Burthorpe and I was curious if anyone knew of, or could re-create, the bot that they're using. The bot basically for what I can tell mass creates account and sends them to Burthorpe to claim the free prayer pots and tele tabs. I havent been able to...
  8. P

    Ironman No Bans?

    I've been noticing a trend on Darkscape so far... In a lot of places (Draynor fishing spots/willows, Edgeville Bandits, Seers Flax), People are botting 24 hours a day for extended periods and people are saying that they are reporting them. I would say that they might actually be real players...
  9. mind blow

    Selling Darkscape money 1usd$-100k

    Hello i'm new to selling rs gold. I'm selling darkscape gold 100k-1usd$ I'm not a trusted uiser but i'm trustworthly. After a payment please give me a feedback. Payment method: Paypal (as a gift) skype: petek.tim
  10. mind blow

    Selling Darkscape money 2.2usd$-100k

    Hello i'm new to selling gold. I'm selling darkscape gold 100k-1Usd$ I want to get some trust as a person i'm trustfuly. After a payment please give me a feedback. Payment method: Paypal Delete a post please
  11. I

    DarkScape Deadly red spiders bot

    Looking for a bot for Darkscape that will kill deadly red spiders in the wildy using quick prayers till death then respawns at mage bank equips weapon, runs back to spiders, turns on quick prayers and repeats.. would be awesome and probably extremely popular.
  12. P

    RS3 Simple darkscape mage/range training bot.

    This bot would be located at Combat Training Camp Area is unlocked after completing Plague city & Biohazard. There are several 56 level ogres in cage that can be killed really easily since they have only 200lifepoints. There are 8 ogres and spawn time is 50seconds. No food / looting required.
  13. mind blow

    RS3 Private script (Darkscape)

    Hi i would like to ask any aurthor of the bot if they are interested in making private scripts, pm me for more deatils. Payment method: Paypal Bump*