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  1. swatarinaess

    Cannonball Ventures [PAID] 2.0.1

    How to use: Start logged in at the bank. Have the lightest possible Armour Have Steel bars (noted) & (double) ammo-mould in the inventory. Supported Locations: Edgeville
  2. based

    Based Corrupted Gauntlet 1.2.1

    Slays the Corrupted Gauntlet. Built with account safety in mind
  3. based

    Based Gauntlet 1.2.1

    Slays the Corrupted Gauntlet. Built with account safety in mind
  4. L

    Noble Prif Teak Planker 1.0.8

    Start at priffdinas bank closest to teaks with axe equipped.
  5. theokaygatsby

    Gatsby True Blood RC 1.5.2

    Requirements: 93 Agility Colossal pouch Completion of "Sins of the Father" Completion of "Lunar Diplomacy" if not using RC/Max cape Before You Press Start: You have a blood talisman stored inside your hat of the eye You have mined the rocks behind the wall, unlocking the shortcut You have a...
  6. L

    Booty Herb Cleaner 1.1.2

    Cleans any Grimy herb until it can't anymore. Requirements Stand in front of a bank Have grimy herbs in your bank or inventory
  7. J

    Prime Abyss Runecrafting SUPPORTER [Deleted]

    Jhinn submitted a new resource: Prime Abyss Runecrafting SUPPORTER - Make Runecrafting great again! Read more about this resource...
  8. dahnae

    Dan Giant Foundry 1.1.11

    This is the Trial version of the premium bot. Because this bot is still new, I have increased the trial duration to 7h a week. This bot will complete the Giant's Foundry minigame (wiki) for great smithing EXP, profits and unique items. As a newly introduced activity, could it have a lower...
  9. eynak

    OSRS Selling OSRS Accounts | Maxed Pures | Beast Irons | Maxed Tanks | Maxed Meds | & MORE! [Crypto/GP]

    Discord: Kanye#2577 Always request a confirmation PM! ⭐️Why buy from me?⭐️ ⭐️ HUGE Rep on other websites ⭐️ $50K+ dealt with via MMing/account sales/training/etc ⭐️ Trusted with over $2500+ (on multiple occasions) in one sitting with no MM & user going first ⭐️ Tons of account sales with ZERO...
  10. S

    OSRS LF Private Merch/Flip Bot

    Game Mode: OSRS Link to wiki: Stonky Summary: LF High Volume/Low Cost flipping/merchanting Bot Required stats: None Required quests: None Required items: Stonks Other notes:
  11. dahnae

    Dan Blast Furnace

    dahnae submitted a new resource: Dan Blast Furnace TRIAL - Blasts the furnace Read more about this resource...
  12. H

    OSRS Selling Private bot - Tanning (ranging guild)

    Script name: Tanning (Range guild) Runescape version : Old school runescape Approx gp/hour: 400-500k Approx running time: Tested for 4 hours staight without a bug Price: Name your price in the comments Hello runemater's. I have been a long member of this community for years back. But i decided...
  13. R


    looking for a bot that cant kill green dragons and collect the loot based on value. bot needs to have basic combat settings (eating,prayer,ect) bot also needs to be able to recognize when it enters pvp situations and have the ability to flee the wilderness to a level where it is possible to...
  14. J

    Prime Barrows 2.24.7

    Prime Barrows is the most advanced Barrows bot on the market, boasting a number of features which will carry your account out of this world! Having issues, questions or want to leave feedback? Join the Prime Discord or create an issue on our Issue Tracker. This bot combines the intelligence...
  15. J

    OSRS Prime Giant Mole - Official Setup Guide

    Setting up Prime Giant Mole is relatively easy, and I will guide you through each step to make sure the bot works as you would expect. If you don't know what the Giant Mole is, or what the requirements are, please make yourself familiar before continuing with the setup. You can find more...
  16. J

    Prime Giant Mole [Deleted]

    RobinPC submitted a new resource: Prime Giant Mole - Holy Moley Read more about this resource...
  17. J

    Prime Woodcutting 1.4.3

    Prime Woodcutting Join the Prime Discord server if you need help. Supported locations Varrock West Tree, Oak Varrock East Tree, Oak, Yew Grand Exchange Tree, Yew Edgeville Tree, Yew Draynor Village Tree, Oak, Willow Lumbridge Tree, Oak Port Sarim Tree, Oak, Yew Port Sarim Jail...
  18. J

    Prime Woodcutting

    Jhinn submitted a new resource: Prime Woodcutting - Until they stop me, I will keep going. Read more about this resource...
  19. tyb51

    VisualRM [BOT] 1.4.5

    Visual RM - Advanced bot making for you VisualRM is a visual scriptinh node based bot developing framework available only on Runemate. With an easy to learn, hard to master approach, endless possibilities are at your fingertips. Without any prior scripting knowledge you'll be creating YOUR...
  20. D

    OSRS Moneymaking and private bot developer

    Hello! Interested in creating a professional moneymaking bot which makes a decent amount of profits. Preferebly a bot with less requirments but all is appreciated. If you have an idea on how to make money, or have any experience in bot development give ur take please or send a pm. All...