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  1. X

    Question System update in-game

    How would the bot react after the countdown of a system update had ended? Curious. :D
  2. B


    My ONLY discord: buyinghcacc#4095 HCIM IN STOCK : 4 Price : $100 IRONMAN IN STOCK: 0 Price : $80 Currently Only Accepting paypal, you can choose to pay in OSRS GP but, the price will be much higher! All details provided upon purchase! Some accounts come with a linked email which you...
  3. lad

    OSRS [Noob Guide - OSRS/RS3] Using Windows Installer on Google Cloud Server

    [Noob Guide] Using Windows Installer On a Google Cloud Server Info: Google has a free 365 day $300 credit for trying their cloud servers. Here you can get your own vps for botting on. By far not the best solution; however, free is free! I noticed that some people are receiving a message when...
  4. D

    Resolved disconnection issues?

    This is weird since yesteday I have been unable to bot on my account... It will load up a script and do it for 5-15 minutes before it then crashes saying it's lost connection to runescape? I want to be reimbursed for the scripts that have failed over the past day because of this issue... I...
  5. S

    OSRS SeKa's OSRS Questing Service / Minigames [Cheap, Fast, Reliable]

    What Am I Offering? I offer a Fast, Cheap, trusted Questing Service (Hand Made). My task is to do any quest that you do not have time to do, or simply do not want to do because you're lazy nub I Have been offering the same service on different forums now and i decided to expand it to runemate...
  6. entrance

    ►►[www.TrenchGold.com] ◄► [ BUYING ALL RUNESCAPE GOLD ] ◄► [BEST RATES ][FAST]◄►[$200 DONOR]◄◄

    Sythe profile: ►►[www.TrenchGold.com] ◄► [CHEAP/FAST AND RELIABLE RUNESCAPE GOLD] ◄► [NO ID][24/7✔]◄►[$200 DONOR]◄◄ online @ trenchgold.com online @ trenchgold.com online @ Trenchgold.com online @ trenchgold.com online " trenchgold.com online @ Trenchgold.com online @ Trenchgold.com online @...
  7. djzep

    OSRS (Progression) New Account to Max

    New Account to Max The series is over, banned at 5:13pm May 11th, 2017 Last botted skill was Agility for 2hrs 42mins on May 9th, 2017 GG Hello everyone, I have been really enjoying the amount of content in the Screenshots/Goals section. It even made me want to start my own account progression...
  8. geashaw

    OSRS Price check my new main

    This is my account in progress, see OSRS - Geashaws road to a new main | Weekly updates | Clean stats Just curious what you guys and girls think. Don't be shy, I won't hold any opinions against you!
  9. chaotic cbow

    OSRS Chaotic's Road to Max Main

    :D CHAOTIC'S RUNEMATE ADVENTURE :D Hey mates! I'd like to create this thread for the pure reason of seeing my own progress using bots made from our lovely bot authors. To see if a max main is possible to achieve in the treacherous Jmod osrs worlds. :rolleyes: I believe my experience can also...
  10. B

    OSRS Maxed Zerk fully quested price?

    hey guys got a maxed zerk with 75 att & 96 hp fully quested ( 219 qp ) 1700+ total and 90m+ overall. got fighter torso, fire cape, full angler, full range void with mage helm etc. 1300+ zulrah kc and zulrah pet. how much osrs cash would you give? i wanna see how much some1 is willing to give...
  11. roflcopter19

    OSRS The weirdest thing just happend to me.

    So i tried to log back in on my oldschool runescape account, to do the 3 year event thing. However i had a authenticator on my account enabled. Odd, pretty sure i turned that off, oh well. So i disabled the authenticator and tried to log in. "Your account is already logged in" Meh, probably...
  12. 07accountsale

    OSRS Selling 94 Combat, 1304 total, no ban treads account

    * NOTE: SOME INFO HAS BEEN HIDDEN IN THE SCREENSHOTS DUE TO SAFETY PURPOSE OF THE ACCOUNT* Combat level: 94 Total level: 1304 Ban/Mute threads: No Quest Points: 115 Membership left: 146 days (This was at the 11th of February, slowly going down) Account made: Early 2015 Account includes: Full...
  13. N

    The OSRS Ban thread

    Hello fellow OSRS botters. After the banwave that has recently taken, and probably still is taking place as we speak, I personally havent used RuneMate again. This thread is made to discuss banrates on OSRS, which bot you were running when you got banned, or really anything that could help us...