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  1. N

    OSRS Grief PKer?

    I'd quite like to see a grief pker (which could be used in LMS and BH). I've seen bots in the past that use the barrage/step under technique to hide switches, I was wondering if anybody else would be able to make something similar?
  2. panda-knight

    OSRS Essence Miner bot

    i'm looking for somebody who can start up a essence miner bot like the one from @Mmaaikel because his miner doesn't work for a long while now
  3. E

    OSRS Teleport Tab maker

    Currently I'm making "Teleport to house" tablets, which is a great way of training Magic with profit. There's one bot that bots making teleport tabs, but it's broken. You can put all the needed runes and noted soft clay in your inventory, Phials (in the general store next to the house portal)...
  4. C

    OSRS Construction bot request

    Hi everyone, someone knows about a Construction bot? i need one to get up construction to 99, but i don't know how create a bot. If someone could create one for me and for the community, would be asome. Thank you.
  5. M

    OSRS Ill write a bot for you.

    Hey guys, I'm looking at developing some bots that would be put to good use. I have a whole load of bots I have created but, I don't want to release my bots as there are plenty of bots that do the same thing. Looking through the requests I can see that it looks like most of the bots have...
  6. M

    OSRS Burn & Chop without Banking

    There are working woodcutting and firemaking bots, so I'm surprised to see there isn't a script that combines both. I think this would be particularly helpful for Ultimate Ironmen, but also seems like a more efficient method for people who are chopping + banking for firemaking anyways. Wouldn't...
  7. D

    OSRS Private bot developer wanted for al-kharid tanning bot [Paying via. BTC or BT]

    Hi! If you're a developer/scripter then here's your chance to make some dough :) I'm looking for someone to code an al-kharid tanning bot for me, with a few added features such as: - After tanning 520 dragon leather, if my mule is standing at X coordinates, and the player name matches the 1...
  8. p2kapikk

    Request Add hover button to the bots menu

    It would be great if there would be a hover button on the bots menu So when I hover a bot, a little ▶️ icon appears on the right-hand side of the hoverable row to instantly click play on the script. I know it's under right-click atm but It's hard to find imo.
  9. elwebo1

    OSRS filled jug

    please make a jug filler in pvp world f2p lumbridge location<3
  10. javierd

    RS3 Easy Falador Potted Plant 1 Buyer/Banker

    Would be very easy and very neat to see a bot made that just buys 28 bagged plant 1 from the gardener in the east falador garden and any extra for BoB if attached and then runs to the bank and repeats until the buy limit is done. Bot will run out of run energy so be wary of that besides that it...
  11. turbotree

    OSRS Ranged bot

    Game Mode: OSRS Link to wiki: none Summary: Start at safespot. Loot above certain threshold at safe timing, run back to safespot. Teleport back to bank optional. (Would be amazing if an innovation like a sound played once your inventory is out of food or full for places that aren't bankable by...
  12. a walrus

    OSRS Ardy Knight bot request

    There was a Prime bot for Ardy knights, but it seems to be gone. Can someone make another Ardy Knight bot? Thank you!
  13. qosmiof2

    OSRS Which one

    Okay guys, so since i am kinda short on time and don't really want to miss the shot, i would kindly ask you to vote which one would you use? I am looking into what bot is the one that would be best to write at the moment. Thank you, have a nice day.
  14. lucassousa

    RS3 Chaos Alter Bot / Prayer Bot

    Game Mode: RS3 (I don't know if this works on Old School); Link to wiki: Chaos Temple / Chaos Altar; Summary: This methods consists in use a altar that exist on Wilderness to bury the bones on it. The exp gained there is equivalent to exp gained on a Gilded Alter (found on players houses), and...
  15. darrellown

    RS3 water filling (vials)

    Hey, My question is, does somebody has a waterfilling bot? Just to fill vials at GE/ Lumbridge or something. I'll be willing to help. greetings
  16. aaronstrack

    OSRS Grand exchange flipping/merching bot

    Pretty straight forward. Just the thought of it is great. In essence its just a bot that can check items for profitable margins, then well... flip the item lol. Would love to see someone give it a go!
  17. aaronstrack

    OSRS OSRS Pie Making Bot

    Making pies, once you have achieved the proper cooking levels can yield some crazy profit. However its quite click intensive and requires quite a bit of attention. So if someone could create a pie making bot, that was be absolutely MAGICAL. Bot developers, please do look into this, I'm sure it...
  18. asusmees

    OSRS Chain botting

    So this is a dumb idea with lotsa alternatives and nobody probably won't bother to code this but hear me out. Lets say you have ~5 botting accs. Bot works for 4-5 hrs, logs out, and another bot takes its place. Chain continues from bot #1 to bot #5 and pretty much computer can run 24hrs...
  19. S

    OSRS Yanile Ogre Grinder

    Can some one please make a bot to grind ogres near Yanile that loots big bones and rare seeds and also burys them as well as banking at yanile?
  20. M

    Ironman Boosting

    Looking for a bot that kills a selected player constantly over and over. There would need to be two computers / clients running the script. Player A is the 'killer' so he selects 'killer' when the script starts , then types the players name Player B is the 'boosting partner' who does nothing...