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  1. theokaygatsby

    Gatsby Woodcutting Guild Plank Maker 1.0.4

    Chops oak trees and turns them into planks at the woodcutting guild. Start in the Woodcutting Guild with: * coins in your inventory * an axe equipped or in inventory * optionally wearing graceful/lumberjack outfit pieces
  2. tzbob

    TzBob Constant Chop 1.2.0

    Chops trees and drops logs with options, enables shift dropping.
  3. based

    Based Corrupted Gauntlet 1.2.1

    Slays the Corrupted Gauntlet. Built with account safety in mind
  4. based

    Based Gauntlet 1.2.1

    Slays the Corrupted Gauntlet. Built with account safety in mind
  5. dahnae

    Dan 1.5t Teak Woodcutter 1.1.6

    This bot gives the fastest woodcutting exp in the game by a large margin. Up to 220k xp/hr can be reached. How to use Start on fossil island You must have grown teaks in the hardwood farm patch (35+ farming required) Must have 35+ woodcutting to chop teaks Must have the required materials +...
  6. C

    OSRS - Quantum Woodcutting - PowerCutter?

    I just setup Quantum Woodcutting, and enabled the PowerCutter mode - it seems to be working well, after only 10mins it's got a ton of wood. What I want to know: what is "PowerCutter" mode?
  7. J

    Prime Woodcutting 1.4.3

    Prime Woodcutting Join the Prime Discord server if you need help. Supported locations Varrock West Tree, Oak Varrock East Tree, Oak, Yew Grand Exchange Tree, Yew Edgeville Tree, Yew Draynor Village Tree, Oak, Willow Lumbridge Tree, Oak Port Sarim Tree, Oak, Yew Port Sarim Jail...
  8. J

    Prime Woodcutting

    Jhinn submitted a new resource: Prime Woodcutting - Until they stop me, I will keep going. Read more about this resource...
  9. M

    OSRS Burn & Chop without Banking

    There are working woodcutting and firemaking bots, so I'm surprised to see there isn't a script that combines both. I think this would be particularly helpful for Ultimate Ironmen, but also seems like a more efficient method for people who are chopping + banking for firemaking anyways. Wouldn't...
  10. G

    OSRS B> Woodcutting Logs: Read for more info

    Hi everyone, I am buying Normal Logs and Oak logs. Mostly since I am training my fire making. Most bots I am seen, do runs to the general store in varrock, and sell the logs there. I want to buy the logs straight from the botter instead! Saves you time tbh if you just store it and mass sell to...
  11. sanji

    Resolved How can you detect if something is crystallised?

    I'm working on a bot for crystallising acadias and currently just using a timer between casts. I checked the models and ids with/without crystallise and they seem to be the same. Does anyone know how I could check if a certain GameObject (or one in the same Coordinate etc.) has been...
  12. G

    RS3 Woodcutting in Daemonheim Resource Dung

    Game Mode: RS3/OSRS Link to wiki: Daemonheim Peninsula resource dungeon Summary: Able to Cut Willow, Maple, or Yew in the Resource Dungeon and bank in either the Dropbox, or at the Daemonheim Banker. Required stats: 30 Dungeonnering to access Resource Dungeon, Woodcutting 45 to chop Maple...
  13. aidden

    MaxiWoodcutter 2.23.38

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Features Banking at any bank Power chopping (Dropping the logs after a full inventory has been chopped) Fast dropping Fast tree switching Can walk to the tree or bank location from just about anywhere thanks to the RuneMate web Custom...
  14. H

    Best Runemate Money Making Bot

    There's alot of bots on Runemate, but which one will make a player the most money per hour? Let's also take into account the ban rates for certain skills. ( Hunter seems to get players banned quite often) If you have an experience with a certain skill that you bot with runemate that makes you...
  15. S

    OSRS Draynor Willow bot won't bank

    Simple, this is probably the wrong thread for it. but once my bots inventory is full, it goes to the left of the Draynor bank and just sits there..Only if i click it out of its place does it continue to bank and go back cutting, only to get stuck again on seemingly nothing. The west wall of the...
  16. S

    OSRS BOT REQUEST: Simple CHOP&BURN (no banking)

    i have looked everywhere for this bot, it use to be on powerboat, but was removed. all I want to do is have it be able to chop and burn willows/maples/ect.
  17. skrall

    RS3 Waiko Bamboo Collector

    Since you need a shit ton of Chimes to get the Completionist requirements, the most efficient way to get the Chimes is by cutting bamboo on the island of Waiko. Then the bamboo should be bundled together (1 bundle = 5 bamboo). These are stackable so the only thing the bot should do is cutting...
  18. F

    RS3 Crystalize thieving/mining/woodcutting-bot

    Hi! Since the crystalize/crystal mask spell gives you loads of xp/hour I would love to see a crystalize bot out there No banking needed, just holding your prayer above>100 and keep using crystalize/crystal mask every 5 min Good for the best xp in woodcutting and mining in the game Crystalize...
  19. debaucher

    Resolved Bot crashes when selecting banking location

    This happens with every bot I run. Whenever I run bots without selecting a banking location (i.g. Power chopping, power mining) they work flawlessly without any crashing. However with choosing the option to bank the bot itself crashes. The game will continue to run behind the gui but the instant...