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  1. H

    Bug Failed to patch runelite launcher as it is currently in use by another proccess

    Was working fine then all of a sudden it is saying this now also does not show up the runelite jagex launcher anymore idk whats happening NVM FIXEDIT
  2. L


    Hii yesterday everthing worked fine for me, today i was 2 hours in after that this Error accurred han some one help ? Thanks Rolf
  3. T

    Bug Weird occurences using Runlite

    Currently, when running a bot using Runelite, weird things are occurring. Things such as characters stood rigid with no running or attack animation. Item images within inventory disappear leaving just numbers (If multiple are stacked) however I can hover over and they are physically there and...
  4. xp00nu

    Bug 15 Minute Timer bot stops

    Hi all, I have read all of these similar threads of the bot stopping after 15 minutes, ie; VPN, Firewall etc. I've turned VPN off, uninstalled java, runemate, restarted computer, I've put runemate into the firewall and my anti virus exception list, and I'm still having this problem, last...
  5. M

    Bug Bot charged me when not using it!

    Cuppa Hunter AIO has just charged me for 96 hours of use, totalling at $6.58! Wiped my account when I was logged out the whole time. Great. Any way of claiming this back?
  6. devthegod

    Bug Whole Client is broken.

    Edit: Temp Fix is below in FAQ, Will update if it happens from here on out. Hey guys, As of last night. Anytime I try to run a bot it gets about 30 seconds in then crashes. (the bot starts to do stuff normally then dies) No matter the bot. Happens on every single one. It spent money every time...
  7. Y

    Broken bot just stole money from my runemate wallet

    I finally decided to invest some money into premium bots thinking I would get a better experience. I've been trying to set up this QVe AioFighter Pro bot and the bot just constantly crashes every time I set it up. I used trial and error, trying different configurations to get the bot to work...
  8. D

    Bug "188 hours of botting in 3 days"

    So, I get the message saying "you've reached a max of 300 hours in the past month". After looking at my activity it says that in3 days of November I used the bot for an unrealistic amount of time. now I am unable to use the program after purchasing the supporter package. before these dates, i...
  9. P

    Bug Unable to use Runemate with OSRS

    Hi all- I'm unable to use Runemate with OSRS. After I startup OSRS and runemate and then hit "start instance" I get the error message "Unable to initialize the communication bridge. Please restart RuneMate and try again. Contact support if the problem persists." Here is some system info and...
  10. M

    Resolved Window sizing bug

    Hi I've been having problems for about a month and I was able to work around it for a little bit but now ever since the window has been sizing itself beyond the borders of the screens not allowing me to execute a bots functions. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling also have tried...
  11. Z

    Bug "Failed to bind to game client because of an exception"

    I have tried to fix this for the last 48 hours with no luck. I have: Uninstalled and reinstalled OSRS, Runemate and Java; Restarted and shut down PC multiple times; Deleted and cleared all Jagex caches; Tried with and without VPN; Turned off firewall and changed settings on firewall; Tried...
  12. I

    Bug Unable to login to client

    Hey yall. In short, I have a Mac OsX up to date on all software. I have tried to use the mac client without luck. So I switched to the standalone client. Works when opened but the moment I try to log in, the client stays logging in forever without actually logging in. All I see is the below...
  13. thepiratepyro

    Bug Failed to bind due to Exception

  14. dogus

    Question Client don't open

    I installed runemate, I can see in the taskbar but the client is not opening. I reInstall java and clean remove and install runemate again. But nothing is changed. (I tried to resize and tray, open new client)Can anyone help pls?
  15. gold farming inc

    Bug Problem with WordHop

    Hello, Some months ago, I wrote a private bot. It starts at a store, buys some stack-able item, switches worlds, and repeats until it is out of money. I recently go back into experimenting with it, and the WorldHop feature isn't working the same. It didn't behave like this before. Note...
  16. G

    Bug Failed to bind to the game client because of an Exception

    I've completely disabled firewall, added exceptions for runemate, java, and osrs, made sure to uninstall java and runemate and allow runemate to install the java, nothing seems to be working. java.lang.IllegalStateException: Failed to bind bridge to the existing rmi registry. at...
  17. arrancarabo

    Bug Failed to bind exception (problems with VPNs)

    Hi there, I've been using RuneMate for quite a while with different computers and I've had a situation where I just had a fresh copy of Windows installed, RM was working 100% but after installing NordVPN the error of "Failed to bind to client because of an exception" was thrown. No other fixes...
  18. L


    Hello everybody, I've been botting a while now and I didnt have any problems until 1 dag ago. Everytime when I start a bot the client starts lagging really hard and because of this the bot cannot function properly anymore. It lags so hard that u see 3 hits at the same time. I dont think the...
  19. A

    Bug Runemate won't open in any way

    I was using Runmate just fine yesterday. I logged on today and the program won't launch. It looks like it launched on my taskbar. However there is no visible window and when I highlight it to see a preview it is either a black box or a grey java window (depending on which version I try to...
  20. T

    Bug Problem opening client on MacOS - HELP :)

    Hey guys, I have been having a problem opening the client on my Mac. This message appears. Does anyone know the problem? "An internal error occurred (error code: Could not load JRE from The bundle “Java SE 8” couldn’t be loaded because its executable couldn’t be located..)" Thanks :)