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  1. bistuanova

    Shamans 0.1.2

    Grind out Shamans for that coveted Dragon War Hammer! Pathing Options: PoH, Fairy Ring, or Jewelry Items Dynamic dodging: Doesn't follow set pattern for dodging Save supplies: Use 1T prayer flicking to save precious prayerpots Extended trips: Uses Bones to Peaches on bones to extend trips Crash...
  2. theokaygatsby

    Gatsby True Blood RC 1.5.2

    Requirements: 93 Agility Colossal pouch OR Medium + Large + Gaint pouch Completion of "Sins of the Father" Completion of "Lunar Diplomacy" if not using RC/Max cape Before You Press Start: You have a blood talisman stored inside your hat of the eye You have mined the rocks behind the wall...
  3. dark sage

    Misfits Charter Crafting 2.2.2

    Charter Crafting for Ironman and Ultimate Ironman Ironman/UIM oriented Must have gp and ur choice of superglass make spell method bot will not bank only supports Glassblowing will buy blowpipe when required Simple UI trackers Works at any charter where you can buy soda ash and sand Must start...
  4. L

    Noble Cannonballs 2.0.3

    Makes cannonballs, start in edgeville bank
  5. smurfbots

    Smurfs Saplings 1.0.11

    Start near a bank with a steam staff eqipped or in your bank. You need seeds, filled pots, a trowel and astral runes in your bank. Can be a decent money maker if prices are right, check Money making guide/Growing palm saplings At the time of writing this dragonfruit saplings are 7m an hour...
  6. I

    Question Please move if wrong lost money to crashing

    Ive tried running the tithe bot farm multiple time to see if it was fixed but it glitched out every 10 minutes and i have to restart help please ive lost almost 10hrs or more because of this.
  7. michael5555

    Mage Training Arena 1.7.3

    Features All four rooms supported Dynamic telegrab room maze solver with smart corner navigation Alchemy room item solver Supports both high and low alchemy. Automatically uses low alchemy if < 55 magic Task system; B2P in one click Smart staff switching (prioritises combo staves) Combo rune...
  8. michael5555

    Pyramid Plunder 1.6.81

    Requirements Ensure you have started the minigame at least once 21 thieving minimum Sophanem Banking: Start within the city or the banking area Wield or have the sceptre in your inventory if you would like to use it for quicker trips. It should run autonomously with or without the sceptre...
  9. M

    OSRS Plank looter wildy

    Hey guys! I really need a bot, that starts in LMS and collects planks from the graveyard. For more detaild information DM me Please.
  10. snarkyg

    Compounded payment

    So i bought only $10 worth of time for the bot and I've noticed within 6-7 hours i was charged $1.16 for scripts that are $0.10-$0.12, as you can see i was charged 2 hours within the same hour multiple times, and for a final time of 3 hours for a 1 hour period. Do these fall off on their own or...
  11. xxxx

    xFlax 1.0

    How to Use Start near Sears Features Picks flax in a random pattern Spins flax in up-stairs seers Intelligently uses doors/ladders Safe-check code to prevent getting stuck inside rooms Fast multi-threaded object finding Optionally take random breaks (Will randomly idle logout if break is...
  12. aidden

    MaxiTanner 1.4.43

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Features Tans all hides in Al Kharid Supports Stamina potion, Super energy potion and Energy potion as well as an option to not use them - Ironmen you're welcome ;) MaxiBots features Activity system Configure as many activities...
  13. P

    OSRS Apple/Banana/Orange Basket

    Game Mode: OSRS Link to wiki: What? Summary: Player would buy either Apples, Oranges or Bananas including baskets. Player would take out 5 Baskets and remaining slots would be the fruit, Note that only 4 baskets could fill a inv of fruit. Rinse and repeat and then sell the Basket of Fruit for 3x...
  14. A

    Mort Myre Fungus Accounts

    Selling MMF ready accounts for 9.5m: With 54 prayer, this build will maximise your MMF profits. The accounts have completed Restless Ghost, Priest in Peril, Waterfall Quest, half of Nature Spirit (until sickle b is obtained) and a few other random quests. There is no registered email for the...
  15. R

    Bug Bug Maybe, Hours and Money

    So I was botting minnows and ran it for 18 hours but runemate charged me 37 hours ik its a bot but i mean at 7 cents an hour its $2.60 but for 18 hours its $1.26 so i mean just wondering i do bot on 2 computers at times (one pos laptop and the other my main pc) but on my main pc its normally...
  16. P

    Resolved Negative hours from recent months purchased hours

    Hey, I purchased a total of 800 hours last month; however, today it's showing me I have negative hours. I ran out of my hours I believe about a day ago which I would have thought the hours would have been refreshed but last months hours which were purchased and used have joined in with the...
  17. aidden

    MaxiOrbs 1.6.54

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Make up to 300k profit and 40k magic xp per hour, it's almost too easy! Features Charges Air orbs, Earth orbs, Water orbs and Fire orbs! Drinks your choice of energy restoration potion if you're below the threshold to save doses...
  18. makutu

    OSRS License for a Private Agility Bot

    Mak Agility AIO I have created an Agility bot capable of traversing every Rooftop course in OldSchool Runescape with high efficiency. This bot is capable of reaching up to 90% of the highest possible experience per hour on each course with ease. Mak Agility AIO is an exclusive bot, boasting...
  19. michael5555

    Fally Beers Buyer 1.0.61

    Buys all three types of beers in falador. Requires coins in inventory, start at bank or bartender.
  20. N

    OSRS Sapling Humidify $$$

    It is strange that no one has hopped on this before Requesting a bot that has a seed type input, grabs needed items from the ge bank steam battlestaff astral runes gardening trowel filled plant pot and *seeds* click pot next to seed and then clicks seed till each filled plant pot is filled with...