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  1. D

    SlayerBossing AIO 1.2.1

    Uses Konar and Duradel to complete boss and regular slayer tasks.
  2. dark sage

    Misfits Revenants BETA 1.0.beta.6

    Supports Ether Charged Bows and Mace - will Recharge and activate them Ether bracelet will always be set to absorb ether from revs - will un-charge, and recharge with lessor ether counts if it reaches over 1k charges Enemy Tracking services - Optional but Highly recommended - Allows all users to...
  3. based

    Based Crabber 1.0.0

    Supported locations 1. Crabclaw Isle 2. Fossil Island 3. Port Phasmatys 4. Rellekka West & East 5. Zeah Shore South More coming soon Playstyles 1. AFK: Select a camping location and the bot will stay there to gain experience. 2. Active: The bot will actively seek out crabs at the selected...
  4. based

    Based Corrupted Gauntlet 1.2.1

    Slays the Corrupted Gauntlet. Built with account safety in mind
  5. based

    Based Gauntlet 1.2.1

    Slays the Corrupted Gauntlet. Built with account safety in mind
  6. T

    Turtle Moss Giants Trial 0.1.1

    Kills Moss giants in Varrock Sewers for mossy keys and exp Before starting, please equip gear and have enough Varrock teleport runes and food in the bank. Please also make sure to have a slash weapon! Melee is recommended as safe spotting is not yet available. This bot will automatically stop...
  7. L

    Noble KBD 2.0.6

    Features: * Equipment config * Break handler * Supports POH restoration * Supports combat potions * Supports Piety/Rigour If you encounter any bugs or have feedback feel free to reach me out in the Noble Discord server: Join the BB & Noble Bots Discord Server! Bot is supposed to be 1 tile...
  8. L

    Booty Chicken Massacre 1.1.0

    Start anywhere and massacre those chickens Requirements: Have Direct Input enabled in RuneMate settings
  9. aidden

    MaxiTickHerblore 1.2.4

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Requirements Minimum of 15 herblore for serums or 70+ for the rest is required Requires Direct Input to be enabled in your RuneMate client settings Features Supports Amulet of chemistry 1 ticks all Divines, Stamina, Anti-venom...
  10. M

    Vorkath 1.0.7

    Instructions Required: Player owned house with • Grand Exchange Portal Nexus • Lunar Isle Portal • Ornate Pool of Rejuvination Teleport to house tablets Slayer's staff (e) Rune Pouch • Earth, Air, and Chaos runes If using Dragon hunter crossbow • Diamond dragon bolts...
  11. S

    OSRS Wizard killing bot

    Looking for a bot that kills wizard at tower for blue robes and runes. Also working for wizards south of Varrock. Banking/eating as well.
  12. aidden

    MaxiHerblore 2.5.4

    MaxiBots Discord Server - Join the MaxiBots Discord Server! Features Supports Amulet of chemistry Herb cleaning - Direct Input supported. Must be enabled in the RuneMate settings and in the activity Guam leaf Marrentill Tarromin Harralander Ranarr weed Toadflax Irit leaf Avantoe Kwuarm...
  13. J

    Prime Barrows 2.25.0

    Prime Barrows is the most advanced Barrows bot on the market, boasting a number of features which will carry your account out of this world! Having issues, questions or want to leave feedback? Join the Prime Discord or create an issue on our Issue Tracker. This bot combines the intelligence...
  14. M


    the osrs apexcrabber that used to work fine for a long time, doesnt seem to be working anymore, anyone know why? im stuck on pestcontrol bot, not that bad but way less xp/hour
  15. S

    Question Blackjacking help

    Hi I'm currently in the process of writing a black jack bot which is proving more difficult than I anticipated. While working on it, I have some questions I'd like to get cleared up. The first one is the misclicking and menu interaction being slow. I read up on previous posts and figured that...
  16. C

    Failing to Dismiss Random Events

    Hi guys! Firstly, I'd like to say that I really enjoy using Runemate however I might stop botting some day soon because I'm worried about my account being ban. This is because my character no longer dismisses random events. I have to monitor my character excessively because I have seen random...
  17. J

    Prime Crabber 4.2.5

    Prime Crabber Join the Prime Discord server if you need help. Locations Crabclaw Isle Crabclaw Cave Rellekka East Rellekka West Zeah Shore (East, South, West) Port Phasmatys Slepe Fossil Island* * If you are using potions/food, make sure you have built the bank on Fossil Island. Read more...
  18. B

    BBAlKharidFighter LITE 1.1.3

    Kills Al-Kharid Warrior's at the palace. BOT SPEED Suicide - loop delay between 50ms and 150ms (will use more cpu resources) Fast - loop delay between 151ms and 300ms Human - loop delay between 301ms and 450ms (humanish reaction time) Slow - loop delay between 451ms and 600ms Safe - loop delay...
  19. S


    Are there any bots that support safe spots or have an option to not move?
  20. P

    OSRS OSRS PKing bot

    I haven't seen a thread that is similar to this and I thought it would be a pretty unique idea. A PKing bot. It would go into the wild and fight players, the bot would behave like a player and say to another player who the bot thinks is suitable (wealthy gear and similar cb levels) and say "gl?"...