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  1. H

    OSRS corrupted gauntlet bot - Will pay

    Hello im looking for a corrupted gauntlet bot im happy to pay with 07 gold / crypto / bank transfer. If someone sells me one it will only be used for my personal use and WILL NOT BE SHARED ELSE WHERE. Please message me. Thanks
  2. snarkyg

    Compounded payment

    So i bought only $10 worth of time for the bot and I've noticed within 6-7 hours i was charged $1.16 for scripts that are $0.10-$0.12, as you can see i was charged 2 hours within the same hour multiple times, and for a final time of 3 hours for a 1 hour period. Do these fall off on their own or...
  3. O

    Question Upgraded and time is not available

    Hey guys, hope you all are doing well today. I recently paid $2 to become supporter and then another $2 for an additional 200 hours (Runemate is awesome btw). The funds were withdrawn from my irl bank, and looking at other threads it seems that since it is an automated process that it takes a...
  4. K

    Resolved charged for 10 hours of bot use when I have only used 3

    New user, recently downloaded prime fishing for $0.08/hr, ran the bot for 3 hours and have been charged for 10 hours... Can this be resolved? Prime Fishing is not even working after update this morning and just stands, i hope i am not being charged for the setup and to fidn out the bot does not...
  5. R

    Bug Bug Maybe, Hours and Money

    So I was botting minnows and ran it for 18 hours but runemate charged me 37 hours ik its a bot but i mean at 7 cents an hour its $2.60 but for 18 hours its $1.26 so i mean just wondering i do bot on 2 computers at times (one pos laptop and the other my main pc) but on my main pc its normally...
  6. B

    Bug I paid $5 for 4 accounts right?

    I want to run 4 bots... I paid to accomidate that but every time I try and run more than 2 bots an error occurs and one of the bots crashes. This has caused me to pay for 3 hours worth of premium scripts and I haven't even mined an inventory of tin... I don't really care about the money, its...
  7. yesstress

    Payment Method

    whatever, staff doesn't even bother to reply, nice.
  8. B

    Resolved Bots charging me when they don't work.

    Several times I've tried to open up bots & they charge me, despite not working. I may have tried two or three times, and the bot seems to fail to work. Each time, I get charged. I've also had instances where bots are charging me several times for just one hour of use. Most of the bots I use...
  9. H

    Resolved There a problem with payment

    Hello I have noticed when I use a premium bot runemate charges 2x the hours I use the bot ........Eg I used motherload bot for 1 hour it charged me for 2 also last nigh I used prime nmz for about 4 hrs and 22 mins but it charged me for 10 . What the hells going on . Can some on help me
  10. Y

    Resolved Payment Refund Runemate

    i just bought the $3/month single payment. However, I would like to get a refund as I now know the $4//month is more worth it. May I know who can process this refund? It is unfair for the customer to pay extra when he or she can get the refund and pay more. Please see calculation below...
  11. F

    Resolved Hours disappeared

    Hello community! I have this issue. So, yesterday there was no problem with my runemate account. Today, when i logged in i found this (pic nr 1) . How in the world i got to -207. Yesterday i checked and it was only -7, with allowed number at 700 hours. Today when i log in somehow 200 hours...
  12. U

    Resolved Hours not renewing, please help

    I used my 200 free hours, then payed for more. As you can see I'm a supporter, but it's been some days since I payed and it still hasn't come through. I'm aware some banks aren't open on weekends, but it's now Monday and I am still not able to use any hours. any help?
  13. K

    Resolved iDeal payment?

    Hi Guys, Since I started using RuneMate I'm verry happy with it. I wouldn't mind to donate/support RuneMate monthly, but I am unable to use PayPal. Why there is not a option to use iDeal or something different? This way RuneMate would've make much more money? This month I've reached my 200...
  14. R

    Bug Login & Payment Problems

    Hi I have created this account so I can post onto the forums looking for some help I have another account that I pay for, I have the email and password for it and have used it fine for a few months now, but since yesterday it's been re-asking for 2 step verification, since I set it up on my...
  15. yuuki asuna

    Resolved Have negative hours...?

    I bought 1000 hours on February 23. I used them all by ~March 8ish, and so I bought 1000 more hours on March 09. So thats basically 2k hours bought. Today, I tried botting and I got the error that says "You do not have enough hours". I checked my stats, and saw this:-...
  16. american express

    Tutorial Billing and Payment FAQ

    RuneMate Billing and Payment - FAQ Free Users: Free users are entitled to up to a maximum of 200 hours of bot usage during every 30 day period. Free users can also only run a maximum of 2 sessions at once. You may use all 200 hours on one bot on one RuneScape account, or you may split your 200...