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  1. M

    Question Hacked through Runemate?

    Now, I've read some threads about people getting hacked due to RuneMate but, the underlying problem being some other program or private server that they've been using that has led to the hacking of their accounts and being robbed of their items. I've only recently returned to OSRS, and the only...
  2. I

    Hacked, watch out !

    I just got hacked on a main maxed account and only runemate and me knew the password. It is the first ever time i got hacked in anything and i am 100% sure it is runemate since i am not the only one who got hacked this way. I had a friend who told be he got cleaned after downloading runemate, i...
  3. V

    Runemate steals your password

    Runemate steals your passwords and will steal accounts to use as their own bots. I dont know if its Runemate themselves or some of the bot scripters. FIND ANOTHER BOT SERVICE. Lost 80m on one account. This was a brand new laptop and i have never shared password. I never have signed into that...
  4. J


    So I've been using this program for 3 days on my osrs account. Works great btw and was liking it so far using paid bots. This morning I logged in and everything equiped and in my bank was gone. I've read some other posts about this and people imediatly discarding everything and any involvement...
  5. S

    Resolved Scammed / Hacked by Silence´s Blast Furnace

    So i used Silences blas furnace and chose to smith about 4k adamant bars, i picked the logout after stop option bc i was out of my house. So when i came back, i was at the grad exchange and all my 4k bars, my 8mil in the bank, and all my valueable stuff is gone (blessed dhide kit, slyer helm...)
  6. C

    Hacked after leaving a bot running for too long?

    Hi, So I doubt it was due to runemate that I got hacked but I would love to know what other alternative there is. I had been botting agility but never turned off the bot and after a few hours came back to my items gone and somebody attempted to change my runescape password. I don't see any...
  7. D

    OSRS Hacked While using Runemate

    Not here to bash runemate in anyway. Just warning for some people.. Hello, Im new here and new to botting as well. Runemate seemed easy to use so I picked it up. Got started botting, everything seemed great. I never click links, Never download ANYTHING random, this is my only botting client...
  8. B

    After 1 day of using Runemate, my account got hacked

    So I just created a new account to play OSRS on my phone, and was looking into using Runemate. I tried a bot for a few minutes but it didn't work so I was like 'Oh well, guess it's not for me'. Then I could not log in anymore because apparently I was still logged in, so I changed my password...
  9. therealginger

    RS3 hacked?

    so just lost bout 1 bil in items and 30m cash. and this is litterally the only site ive ever put my bank pin in and password. i would like to know how that is possible? my bank pin on the game is completely gone is that even possible to do??? litterally done this is bullshit everyone be careful...
  10. mario maserati


    When i log in to OSRS sometimes it asks for my Authentication even though i put "Trust Computer for 30 days". I check Kaspersky Secure Connection and it says my connection is coming from Canada instead of the United states where i am, if i put the authentication number in i get logged off the...
  11. aaronstrack


    This is the second time i was hacked, i was logged in an hour ago logged off and checked back in, in an different area with my inventory gone. THIS CLIENT IS NOT SAFE. After i got hacked the first time i got a bank pin, and went into my unescape account and CHANGED MY PASSWORD. i have ONLY used...
  12. roflcopter19

    Potentially Hacked by RuneMate

    Consolidating the discussion into this thread to prevent misinformation being spread. -Partyshanked -- Original Post -- Dear readers, today i have a sad announcement to make. I really wish it never had to come to this. But yes, this 2 year old supporter has to do what he has to do. Please...
  13. A

    OSRS hacked?

    I was playing earlier this evening using MassFighter to level my combat a little. My account is 3 days old. I was in the same room to keep an eye on it, untill I went off to take a piss and get a drink. When I got back I found the game on the login screen. I tried to log back in, but it said my...
  14. roflcopter19

    OSRS The weirdest thing just happend to me.

    So i tried to log back in on my oldschool runescape account, to do the 3 year event thing. However i had a authenticator on my account enabled. Odd, pretty sure i turned that off, oh well. So i disabled the authenticator and tried to log in. "Your account is already logged in" Meh, probably...